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Cookie Seller Resources

The Cookie Program is a great way for your girls to learn important skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—while earning money to fund troop events and activities.

Download the Brand Protection Statement (PDF) >>

All money and other assets, including property, that are raised, earned, or otherwise received in the name of and for the benefit of Girl Scouting must be held and authorized by a Girl Scout council or Girl Scouts of the USA. Such money and other assets must be used for the purposes of Girl Scouting.

– Ownership of Assets, Blue Book of Basic Documents (May 2018), pg 22.


Cookie Resources

Cookie Booth Kit
Virtual & Drive-Thru Cookie Booths
LBB's We've Got This Toolkit
Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins

Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie Platform 101 for Girls

Digital Cookie Platform 101 for Parents (In-Person Delivery)

Digital Cookie Platform 101 for Parents (Shipping)

Registering on the Digital Cookie Platform

How to Reset Your Password

Digital Cookie in 4 Easy Steps!
Digital Cookie Tip Sheets

Adult Training

Online Cookie Program Training


  • Supporting Troops During COVID-19: December 16 • 7:00 PM
    Learn how to support troops during a different kind of cookie season.
  • Facilitating Small Group Training Sessions: December 8 • 6:00 PM
    Learn how to support new leaders in your service unit by utilizing limited-capacity, in-person meetings.


  • Digital Cookie Overview: December 14 & January 5 • 7:00 PM
    Learn what you need to know to participate in Digital Cookie!
  • Selecting a Cookie Booth: January 19 • 7:00 PM
    Learn all you need to know about selecting cookie booths and mall spots. We will also cover how to set up your own booth location with a local business, church, or school.
  • Initial Order Submission: January 28 • 7:00 PM
    Learn how to submit your troop's initial order and select your cookie pickup location.
  • Picking Up Your Cookie Order: February 9 • 7:00 PM
    Learn tips and tricks for making your troop's cookie pickup smooth and successful.
  • All About Drive-Up Cookie Booths: February 10 • 7:00 PM
    Learn tips and tricks for making a drive-up cookie booth a success!
  • Goal-Getter Time: March 3 • 7:00 PM
    Learn how to maximize your troop proceeds with the goal-getter phase of the Cookie Program.
  • Closing Your Sale: April 13 • 7:00 PM
    Learn about the final ACH sweep and submitting your troop's reward order.


  • Cookies for GS Families: December 7 & January 6 • 7:00 PM
    Learn everything you need to know to support your Girl Scout this cookie season!
  • Digital Cookie Overview: December 16 & January 11 • 7:00 PM
    Learn how to set up your Girl Scout's Digital Cookie account.


  • Juliette Cookie Program: December 15, 2020
    Learn about the 2021 Juliette Cookie Program.

Please email with the session you'd like to attend.


  • After you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with details and a link to your Zoom meeting.
  • Create a free Zoom account.
  • You'll need a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access.

View the PDF | See the event listings >>

If you have any questions, please email


Year of Yum! Cookies for a Year!

The Year of Yum! promotion is a great way to boost sales by asking customers who buy four boxes to purchase five!

Simply let your customer know that—when they purchase five boxes of cookies—they can try to win "cookies for a year" (52 boxes of cookies) by entering the Year of Yum! contest.

See the Year of Yum! rules >>

Bling Your Booth Contest

Enter your blinged-out booth for a chance to win $300 in program recognition!

Here's how:

  • Decorate your booth with a cool theme, balloons, costumes, posters, colored lights, and more—the sky's the limit!
    Hint: We really like to see booths that Girl Scouts of any level have helped create.
  • Take a photo of your Troop/Juliette in action at the booth. Please make sure the picture is in focus!
  • Submit your photo using our Bling Your Booth 2021 by April 11, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.
    Note: You MUST use the entry form to enter the Bling Your Booth contest. Photos sent any other way will not be eligible to win.

Entries that don't meet the requirements listed above will be disqualified.

NOTE: Please submit ONLY ONE photo per Troop/Juliette booth. An exception will be made if your Troop/Juliette creates multiple, different, blinged-out booths.

Download the flyer (PDF) >>

The Bling Your Booth contest runs from February 19 to April 11, 2021—during direct/booth sales of the 2021 Cookie Program.

Starting April 12, 2021, GSSEM staff will internally vote and select a finalist from each community. On April 23, we'll create a public, finalist Facebook album. From April 23 - 30, anyone can vote for their favorite booth picture by "Liking" it. The booth picture with the most likes wins!

We'll announce the Bling Your Booth winner Monday, May 3 on our Facebook page!