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Troop Leadership

On my Honor, I will… not do this alone!

Before you hold your first troop meeting with girls, consider the support and resources you’ll need throughout the year. Parents, friends, family and other community members can provide time, experience, and ideas to a troop, so get them involved from the very beginning as part of your volunteer troop team! All of these adults must be screened and approved, including those who just might fill the following suggested positions in your troop:

  • Troop Leader
  • Troop Support Volunteer
  • Troop Product Sales Manager
  • Troop Treasurer
  • Troop Family and Friends

Troop Leader Responsibilities:

  • Liaison with service unit volunteers and council staff
  • Communication with parents
  • Girl safety
  • Guiding the troop’s Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE)

Troop Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Assist Troop Leader
  • Girl safety
  • May drive girls, coordinate finances and/or chaperone troop activities
  • Provide extra help at troop meetings

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with Troop Leadership
  • Provide permission and information needed for participation in activities
  • Ensure current membership for their girl
  • Provide transportation to and from meetings
  • Complete and submit the Health History form