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Parent Involvement

Tips for Boosting Parent Involvement!

By following these tried-and-true tips, more parents may step up, lend a hand, and bring the fun to your Girl Scout troop!

Girl Scout troop leader Richel Newborg from Girl Scouts of Northern California is never short on volunteers, but not because she’s lucky; she puts in the effort to bring them into the fold.

Follow these tips—while keeping a positive attitude—and you'll quickly discover that many parents want to help with your troop!

  1. Set an expectation that we're all in this together!
  2. Utilize the bilingual Ways to Help the Troop form and have every household fill it out.
  3. Plan a family event and then fit the job to the personality.
  4. Ask parents personally for their help.
  5. Once someone says yes, follow up and set them up for success.
  6. Recognize the volunteer right away with a "Thank You."

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