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Creating or Facilitating an Event

Thank you for your interest in serving as a program volunteer!

Start by reviewing the Facilitating Girl Led Events Toolkit.  This toolkit includes GSSEM's Intent to Event Guidelines & Form. The purpose of the Intent to Event is to provide support to girls, volunteers and GSSEM staff in planning Girl Scout programs.  Through helpful hints, timelines, and budget tools, the Facilitating Girl Led Series & Events Toolkit will help ensure that your program successfully helps girls develop as leaders.

When you complete your Intent to Event Form,  submit it to to your Community Event Coordinator approximately 2-3 months prior to your event or series date(s). This will allow for the greatest possible exposure of your event. Transitional timelines less than 2-3 months will be considered.

When developing marketing materials, or looking to order promotional items, for your approved event and/or series, please take note of the instructions on our Brand Center.

Need additional help? Contact your Community Event Coordinator or Community Specialist. Their contact information can be found on your Community page.