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Learning Opportunities

GSUSA and GSSEM provide excellent opportunities for volunteers to get easily and quickly oriented to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

GSSEM requires all volunteers in Troop Leadership positions to complete our Troop Leader Orientation course. Courses marked with an asterix (*) are not required but are highly recommended.

Getting Started

Troop Leader/Co-Leader Training*

This training is designed to provide new troop leaders with the basic knowledge you will need to hit the ground running, providing a high-quality Girl Scout leadership experience to girls in a troop setting.

Go to the Troop Leader/Co-Leader online training >>

Girl Scouting 101*

Available through GSUSA, this is a great online introduction to the Girl Scout program.  Composed of a series of eight, short video segments, this 45-minute introduction provides an easy way to jump start your volunteer experience. 

Go to the Girl Scout 101 online course >>

Outdoor 1: Trip and Camp Readiness

This self-paced, online training covers topics related to trip and camp readiness, including day trips, and overnight cabin camping.

Go to the Outdoor 1 online training >>

Outdoor 2: Camping Beyond the Cabin

This self-paced, online training prepares volunteers to take girls on camping trips where girls will be sleeping out in platform cabins/tents, Adirondacks, A-Frames or backpacking with tents, as well as providing an introduction to the skills necessary to support you in teaching girls how to build campfires and cook in a beautiful outdoor setting. 

Go to the Outdoor 2: Camping Beyond the Cabin online training >>

Volunteering for Girl Scout Series & Events*

Available through GSUSA, this is a great online introduction to the Girl Scout program.  Composed of a series of eight, short video segments, this 45-minute introduction provides an easy way to jump start your volunteer experience.

Go to the Volunteering for Series & Events online training >>

* Highly recommended

Girl Scout National Program

Journey Take Action

This module covers the basics of identifying and implementing a Journey Take Action project.
Go to the Journey Take Action online training >>

Documents (PDFs)
Bring this knowledge to volunteers in your area by facilitating an in person session at a volunteer meeting.
Journey Take Action: Supplemental Learning Module
Journey Take Action: Facilitator Script
Journey Take Action: PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Journey Take Action Hands-On Learning Activities
Community Mapping (Hands-On Learning Activity)
Mind Mapping (Hands-On Learning Activity)

Six Memorable Girl Scout Ceremonies

Every Girl Scout ceremony helps girls share Girl Scout history and traditions, and create their own special memories. This module takes a look at some important Girl Scout ceremonies, and what they mean.

Go to the Six Memorable Girl Scout Ceremonies online training >>

Volunteer Awards Process

As a volunteer you'll have the opportunity to work alongside with many outstanding volunteers! One way to recognize the contributions of these individuals is through the GSUSA Volunteer National Awards (VNA). The following 15-minute module provides an interactive introduction to the VNA nomination process.
Go to the Volunteer Awards online training >>

Bring this knowledge to volunteers in your area by facilitating an in person session at a volunteer meeting.
Volunteer Awards: Supplemental Learning Module (PDF)

Working with Girls

Girl-Led Discussions
Five Easy Ways to Quiet a Noisy Room

Sometimes, girls may get caught up in the excitement and you may need to help them settle back down.  This SLAM looks at five ways to can go from a room buzzing with activity to a space where girls are prepared to learn about their next adventure.

Go to the Five Easy Ways to Quiet a Noisy Room >>

Four Examples of Team Decision Making

Girls from Daisies through Ambassadors will gain confidence and leadership skills when given the opportunity to lead their activities. This module takes a look at four traditions troops have used for girl-led governance!

Go to the Four Examples of Team Decision Making >>

Facilitating Girl-Led Events

This module focuses on facilitating Girl Led events, and how to make sure that girls practice leadership skills that are appropriate for their age level throughout the process of planning an event.

Go to the Facilitating Girl-Led Events online training >>


FIRST teams are an outstanding way to bring hands on STEM activities to girls in grades kindergarten through 5th. In this module, we will cover the details of setting up a FIRST LEGO league or Junior FIRST LEGO league team.

Go to the GSSEM and FIRST online training >>

Four Simple Ways to Grow your Troop

Girl Scouts is an exciting opportunity for girls to meet new friends and expand their horizons! This module takes a look at four simple ways to invite girls from your community to join your troop.

Go to the Four Simple Ways to Expand Your Troop online training >>

Five Thoughtful Ways to Welcome New Girls

It can be exciting to have new girls join your troop! This module covers five thoughtful ways to help new troop members feel welcome.

Go to the Five Thoughtful Ways to Welcome New Girls online training >>

Understanding the Root Cause

Identifying the root cause of a problem is an important step in creating effective and sustainable solutions. In this module, we discuss how to identify the difference between a root cause and a surface issue.

Go to the Understanding the Root Cause online training >>

FIRST LEGO League Timeline

This module covers the year timeline for FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams. This timeline is different than the one followed by Junior FIRST LEGO League.

Go to the Timeline for FLL Teams online training >>

Engaging Girls in a STEM Experience

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you may find your group attracted to STEM activities. You may also find yourself challenged to provide those activities as part of a high quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience. In this module we look at one strategy for talking about STEM.

Go to the Engaging Girls in a STEM Experience training >>


Five Research Skills Your Girl Scouts Need

When girls do research, they are more likely to create effective solutions to problems and develop lasting relationships with community organizations to make sustainable change. This module covers the five research skills your Girl Scouts need.

Go to the Five Research Skills online training >>

Forming Expert Connections

Girl Scouts groups do big projects that make big changes in the world! While research can provide a solid foundation for understanding the topic, your group may find that research alone isn’t enough. This module covers the seven steps to forming expert connections to support your group’s project. 

Go to the Forming Expert Connections online training >>

Keeping Up With Cadettes

Group Finances

Opening a Troop Bank Account

All troops at Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan are required to maintain a bank account; and helping girls learn to manage their finances is an important part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience! This module provides you with the tools you need to get your troop bank account up and running.

Go to the Six Steps to Opening a Troop Bank Account online training >>

Managing Troop Finances

This module covers the basics of maintaining healthy troop finances. Before you begin this module, please review the Opening a Troop Bank Account SLAM.

Go to the Managing Troop Finances online training >>

Group Money Earning

Girl Scouts have big goals, and sometimes achieving these goals means earning money for the group in addition to participating in the Girl Scout product programs. Let’s take a look at what group Money Earning looks like and how to host a Group Money Earning activity.

Go to the Group Money Earning online training >>

Troop Dues

This module takes a deeper dive into understanding Troop dues and how they can work for your group.

Go to the Troop Dues online training >>

Working with Adults

Difficult Conversations

Why are certain conversations so difficult? What can you do about it?

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you will develop a working relationship with parents, volunteers, and other members of the community. This module gives you the tools you need when friction arises as you establish these relationships. The skills covered in this module will help you minimize tension and even prevent many difficult situations from arising.

Go to the Difficult Conversations online training >>

Bring this knowledge to volunteers in your area by facilitating an in person session at a volunteer meeting.
Difficult Conversations: Supplemental Learning Module
Difficult Conversations: Facilitator Script
Difficult Conversations: Participant Handout
Difficult Conversations: PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Volunteer Relations℠ Process: Demystified*

As a Volunteer with Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, you will interact with many departments within our organization. Each department has unique processes that build towards offering a high quality leadership experience for girls. The Volunteer Relations℠ department is here to support volunteers who are experiencing conflict in their roles. This module will cover how the Volunteer Relations℠ process can help in difficult situations where relationships are at risk of being damaged.

Go to the Volunteer Relations Process℠ Process: Demystified online training >>

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Cooperative Troops

In this module, we explore the cooperative troop model. In a cooperative troop, a group of active adults work together to create an exceptional Girl Scout Leadership Experience for the girls in the group with smaller time commitments for each individual.

Go to the Cooperative Troops online training >>

Introduction to Co-Leadership

This module covers skills to help you develop your style of shared leadership and to effectively support your co-leader. We recommend all members of your leadership team complete this module and discuss its contents as part of your year planning process.

Go to the Introduction to Co-Leadership online training >>


Three Steps to Increase Meaningful Family Involvement

Getting families involved in a meaningful way is one of the most rewarding challenges of being part of a Troop Leadership Team. In this module we’ll help you establish a foundation for effectively collaborating with the families of your troop members.

Go to the Three Steps to Increase Family Involvement training >>


* Highly recommended but not a required course.

Understanding your Resources

Managing your Member Profile
Accessing Volunteer Toolkit

The Volunteer Toolkit is a comprehensive digital tool accessible via the web to help you have a fun and successful year with your Troop! Check out the quick video below to learn how to log-in to the Volunteer Tool Kit and start exploring!

Go to the Accessing Volunteer Toolkit online training >>

Submitting the Finance Report through VTK

Every troop in GSSEM submits an annual finance report before July 1st of each year. Volunteer Toolkit offers a seamless way to complete and submit this report to GSSEM’s finance department. This module a closer look at completing the Finance Report through the Volunteer Toolkit!

Go to the Submitting the Finance Report through VTK online training >>

Setting Up Your Year Plan Using Volunteer Toolkit

This module takes you through the process of setting up a Year Plan in Volunteer Toolkit.

Go to the Setting Up Your Year Plan Using VTK online training >>

Troop Organizing

Girl Scouts is an exciting opportunity for girls to develop leadership skills; and parent involvement is key. This series of modules helps Troop Organizers develop the skills they need to talk to families about the benefits of the Girl Scout program, and make the Girl Scout Leadership Experience available to more girls.

Easy Troop Organizing
Upfront Agreements

This SLaM covers "Upfront Agreements" — an important skill to help you talk-up Girl Scouts, and to help these conversations go as smoothly as possible.

Go to the Upfront Agreements online training >>

Scouting for Solutions

Girl Scouts can be a solution for families that are concerned about their daughter developing courage, confidence, and character. This module provides information to help Troop Organizers discover concerns families are already experiencing, and talk about how Girl Scouts can alleviate those concerns.

Go to the Scouting for Solutions online training >>