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Patch Programs

Patch Programs

Patch programs provide Girl Scouts an opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities while earning a fun patch.

Most patch programs are available to Girl Scouts of all grade levels, and some will list different requirements to complete the patch, depending on grade level. Completing patch programs will help your troop along their Journey—and may satisfy requirements for certain badges.

Check back for more fun patch programs to be added in the future!

GO! At Home Challenge Patch

You can still enjoy Girl Scouting while practicing social distancing this fall!

Stay safe at home and have fun in your own backyard. Complete the number of activities for your grade level to earn the GO! At Home patch.

Patches will be available in October 2020.

Download the GO! At Home Challenge Patch Program PDF >>

GO! At Home Challenge - Fall 2020
Outdoor Skills Patches

We're making it even easier to gain outdoor skills and earn patches by bringing Outdoor Skills programming to a community near you.

Our GSSEM Outdoor Education Specialists are planning outdoor fun in your backyard—or pretty close to it—throughout the year. The Outdoor Skills Patch Program is designed to get girls outdoors more often. As long as a Girl Scout has learned about the topic and practiced the skills, she's earned the Outdoor Skills mini patch. Then, she can take action by getting outdoors and sharing her skills with others.

Girls can earn patches by attending Outdoor Skills Days, Outdoor Adventure Days, and Outdoor Round-Ups! Keep checking for the comprehensive list of programs and events on the event calendar.

Download the Outdoor Skills Patch Program PDF >>


Outdoor Skills 1
Enjoy a fun day of outdoor games! Girls will learn how to always be prepared, understand water conservation and how to leave our world a better place with Leave No Trace!

Outdoor Skills 1

Outdoor Skills 2
Continue to develop amazing skills and up your outdoor game with team-building games! This level will cover packing for a day hike and navigating the trails with basic orienteering skills.

Outdoor Skills 2

Outdoor Skills 3
Get prepared for a basic camping trip at a campground or in your backyard! Learn about setting up a campsite, basic knots to get you through the night, and how to build a fire for warmth and cooking.

Outdoor Skills 3

Outdoor Skills 4
This is the ultimate Get Outdoors day! Eat your way through the day while learning to cook a meal using a stick, foil pack, and dutch oven techniques and enjoy the fruits (Starbursts) of your labors. Build a mini First Aid kit to have in your back pocket before a basic lesson on backpack fitting, packing, and trip prep.

Outdoor Skills 4


Discover hidden gems in your community with Outdoor Adventure Days! Earn mini patches for the Outdoor Skills Patch at these themed events that offer the opportunity to learn and practice new skills in the outdoors. Offerings include canoeing at a state park, horseback riding workshops, fly fishing, archery, snow-shoeing, and bicycle tour events. There are different Outdoor Adventure Days for each Girl Scout level! Check the event calendar for new adventure listings all year long.


Experience Council-wide events that offer a variety of outdoor adventures with sister Girl Scouts from around the area! Keep checking the event calendar for more 2019 Outdoor Round-Ups!

Please feel free to contact our Lead Outdoor Education Specialist, Liz Bruer, if you have more outdoor education questions at or at 800-482-6734 x2511.

Audubon Great Lakes: Wild Indigo Patch

This program is a collaboration between GSSEM and Audubon Great Lakes to create opportunities for exploration in backyards across Michigan. Many amazing things can be found in a simple square foot of nature. We encourage girls to look around at the many plants, birds, bugs, or even microbes around them and share the wonder of their world with us.

Download the Audubon Great Lakes: Wild Indigo Patch Program PDF >>

Audubon Great Lakes: Wild Indigo Patch Program
Beekeeper Patch

To earn the Beekeeper patch, Girl Scouts will need to complete a three-part process. They need to Discover, Explore/Connect, and then Take Action.

Download the Beekeeper Patch Program PDF >>

Beekeeper Patch Program
Belle Isle Patch

How lucky are we to have the largest city-owned island park in the United States in our backyard! Belle Isle has so much to offer to everyone who visits, including a rich history. Whether it's your first time, or you frequent the park, make the most of your Belle Isle Adventure by following along in this activity booklet. You'll walk away learning more than you ever knew before.

Download the Belle Isle Patch Program PDF >>

Belle Isle Patch Program
Great Lakes Patch

Living in this specific council means that you get the opportunity to live near the Great Lakes of Michigan. While completing this patch program, you will engage in fun activities that allow you to learn more and gain a new perspective for these bodies of water! 

Download the Great Lakes Patch Program PDF >>

Great Lakes Patch Program
Junior Hawkwatcher Patch

The Junior Hawkwatcher patch is a collaboration between GSSEM and the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA). Girls will learn about raptor identification, behavior, and how to make migration observations.

Download the Junior Hawkwatcher Patch Program PDF >>


Junior Hawkwatcher Patch Program
Metroparks Explorer Patch

This patch program connects girls with the Huron-Clinton Metroparks and introduces them to different activities they can participate in within the organization.

Download the Metroparks Explorer Patch Program PDF >>

Metroparks Explorer Patch Program
Urban Explorer Patch

This patch focuses on getting girls outside by introducing them to outdoor spaces in their area as well as suggesting things they can do in their own backyard!

Download the Urban Explorer Patch Program PDF >>

Urban Explorer Patch Program

Automotive History Patch

Our area is so rich in automotive history and provides careers for many residents; this patch was created to further your knowledge.

The auto industry has had a great impact on our community. Long recognized as the historic heart of the American automotive industry, Detroit took on the nickname "Motor City." In the late 1800s, Flint was home to a booming carriage-making industry for horse-drawn buggies—which some say was the biggest in the entire world. Hence, Flint became known as "Vehicle City." Henry Ford pioneered the use of the assembly line in manufacturing automobiles and provided the model for mass production that other industries later adopted.

Download the Discover Automotive History Patch Program Flyer (PDF) >>

Automotive History Patch Program
Discover Detroit Patch

Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan and the largest American city on the United States/Canadian border—and there are so many things to see and do there!

Detroit is a major port located on the Detroit River, one of the four major straits that connect the Great Lakes system to the Saint Lawrence Seaway. It has a diverse population and culture. New hotels, scenic and social parks, public transit, bike lanes, and the walkable riverfront are redefining Detroit.

Download the Discover Detroit Program Patch Flyer (PDF) >>

Discover Detroit Patch Program
Diversity Patch

The values and behaviors of any one group are only different, not superior, to those of any other group of people.

Remember, this is a sensitive issue, and discussions on this subject can be uncomfortable. When you're a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) you do great things. You believe in taking action and righting wrongs.

Download the Diversity Patch Program Flyer (PDF) >>

Diversity Patch Program
Gift of Life Patch

This guide has activities and the facts and information about organ, eye, and tissue donation that you and your girls will need to pursue organ, eye, and tissue donation advocacy.

There are more than 100,000 people awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant and the hundreds of thousands in need of corneal and tissue transplants, and through this patch program, you can learn how you can make a difference.

Download the Gift of Life Patch Program PDF >>

Gift of Life Patch Program
GSSEM History Patch

Much of the history of GSSEM and all Girl Scouts exists in the memories of our elders or lies hidden between the pages of family albums, historical documents, museums, and diaries.

By exploring these buried treasures, girls can gain a greater appreciation and understanding of our history and take these lessons to connect the past with the present through shared experiences. Our sisterhood is full of traditions!

Download the GSSEM History Patch Program PDF >>

GSSEM History Patch
Hispanic Heritage Patch

Let's discover Hispanic heritage, culture, and diversity together!

"Hispanic" refers to people, cultures, or countries related to the Spanish language, Spanish culture, Spanish people, or to Spain in general. The term commonly applies to countries that were once colonized by Spain in the Americas. Their cultures are derived from Spain in different degrees, in addition to local indigenous or other foreign influences. Twenty-one countries have Spanish as their official language, but only nineteen are considered Hispanic.

Download the Hispanic Heritage Patch Program PDF >>

Hispanic Heritage Patch Program
People Mover Patch

Patch requirements are to ride the People Mover and follow the requirements.

The Detroit People Mover (DPM) is a fully automated light rail system that operates on an elevated single-track loop in Detroit’s central business district. Launched in 1987, the system’s 13 stations provide quick connections between the courts and administrative offices of several levels of government, sports arenas, exhibition centers, major hotels, and commercial, banking, and retail districts. Service is frequent and unencumbered by vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and at just 75 cents per ride (as of 7/19), it’s the best bargain in town!

Download the People Mover Patch Program PDF >>

People Mover Patch Program
Precious Medals P.I. Patch

Become a Precious Medals Private Eye!

Discover and explore some of the mysteries regarding the Girl Scout High Awards, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Download the Precious Medals P.I. Patch Program PDF >>

Precious Medals P.I.
Troop CFO Patch

CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer. Girl Scouts learn skills and earn money through the Product Program sale of candy/nuts and cookies.

In a girl-led environment, your troop makes decisions on how money is spent. This money can be used for supplies, badges, field trips, or other things you may need. Your troop should set goals for a possible camp experience, traveling, or other opportunities you decide on for the future. Your troop leader—or another designated adult—oversees the money by keeping it an approved bank account. Each year, she/he is responsible for reporting on how much money your troop earned, how much was spent, and how much is left.

Download the Troop CFO Patch Program PDF >>

GSSEM Troop CFO Patch Program
Women's Suffrage Patch

In this patch program, girls will gain knowledge about the history of voting and the importance of voting today.

Leadership, advocacy, and civic responsibility are essential parts of the Girl Scout program. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th  amendment, which gave women the right to vote. After a decades-long fight, and even with the passage of this amendment, many women still experienced discrimination.

The deadline to complete this patch is December 31, 2020.

Download the Women's Suffrage Patch Program PDF >>

Women's Suffrage Patch Program

Volunteer Toolkit Patch (Leaders and Co-Leaders)

Get rewarded for supercharging your troop with the Volunteer Toolkit!

The Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) gives you program content and other resources to manage your troop planning all year long—and keep it going smoothly! Use it to make meeting plans, update girl achievements, manage troop finances, send parent emails, and lots more!

To earn this patch, troop leaders and co-leaders must complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Year Plan for their troop in the VTK
  2. Complete an activity from their Year Plan
  3. Submit the Troop Annual Financial Report via the VTK on or before June 21, 2020

Patches will be distributed to troop leaders and co-leaders of troops who complete the steps above while supplies last.

Download the Volunteer Toolkit Patch Program PDF >>

Volunteer Toolkit Patch Program