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Events & Series

Important Forms:

Girl Scouts is all about events and activities that teach, enrich, inspire, entertain, make you think, laugh, grow and help you become the person you want to be.

Events are standalone program offerings, typically occurring as a one-day activity (or occasionally, an overnight or weekend). The primary difference between events and all other programs is that different girls may participate in each event, as opposed to one group of girls coming together regularly. Examples of events include a badge workshop, an educational day at the zoo, a financial literacy program, etc.

Series offerings are group programs where the same girls participate in multiple sessions which can be scheduled every other week, one time per month, etc. Series offerings may be short term or long term, but are always shorter than an academic year. During a series, girls will build on the skills learned at each session. An example of a series would be an 8-session Journey program to enhance leadership skills for Juniors based upon It’s Your Story – Tell It!

Events and series with GSSEM offer something for everyone and are aimed at delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls through a variety of ways including council-sponsored activities and program partnerships, community volunteer organized events, or through local resource development for troops and individual girls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a council-sponsored event or series?

  • GSSEM is entrusted with ensuring that all girl member programs provide a high quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience that complies with current standards for the National Program Portfolio (Journeys and Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting).
  • GSSEM coordinates facility contract negotiations, logistics, equipment, supplies, and manages budgetary and scheduling constraints.
  • GSSEM provides staff support to a Volunteer Committee, which plans and implements the program component of the event, including “day of” volunteer event management, in compliance with Council Guidelines and safety requirements.
  • GSSEM staff handles the participant event registration process.
  • GSSEM staff promotes the event to members through print and electronic media channels.
  • If there is a qualified volunteer Program Aide Trainer available through GSSEM, Program Aide Training can be offered to eligible participants.
  • GSSEM will handle the budget, determine the participant fee, and ensure that all costs will be covered for the event.
  • As per recent IRS determinations, only Council-sponsored events are eligible for a sales tax exemption.
  • Mutual of Omaha insurance will be secured as appropriate for the event.
  • In some cases, GSSEM will co-sponsor events with partner organizations in the community and may coordinate programming, handle registration, and/or promote the event.
What makes up a Community/District-sponsored events or series?

  • GSSEM is entrusted with ensuring that all girl member programs provide a high quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience. All direct service volunteers responsible for working with girl members should ensure that all programs are aligned with the National Program Portfolio (Journeys and Girls Guide to Girl Scouting).
  • The Program Volunteer/Event Director works with girls to implement girl-led events, which includes the Intent to Event process, to ensure a successful event.
  • A Volunteer Committee of adults and girls plan and implement the program component of the event, including “Day of Event Support”, in compliance with Council guidelines and safety requirements (no direct Council staff support provided for planning or administering the event).
  • The Intent to Event guidelines indicate that a 10% contingency should be added to the participant cost to ensure that event fees can cover all costs.
  • The Program Volunteer/Event Director can request a cash advance from your Community Finance Coordinator to cover any program costs needed in advance of the event date.
  • All revenue for the event is deposited by the Community Finance Coordinator into the Community bank account and all expenses for the event are paid out of the same bank account, based upon the procedures outlined in the Intent to Event process.
  • Program Aide training is not provided through community events, only through Council-sponsored events.
  • All marketing materials promoting the event must reference GSSEM with words and/or logos (branded materials).
  • The Volunteer Committee submits marketing materials (flyers, posters, etc.) for review in advance to the Marketing and Communications Department Team at
  • The Volunteer Committee may choose non-branded promotional items without GSUSA, GSSEM, or Girl Scout words or logos (t-shirts, fun patches, etc.) through the Council shop or any vendor. However, branded promotional materials (t-shirts, patches, etc.) must be purchased through the Council Shops to ensure quality, fair pricing and compliance with GSUSA brand standards.
  • The event is promoted by the Volunteer Committee and the Community Event Coordinator by posting the Event Information online at the Program Calendar of Events at
  • Prior to contacting any media please e-mail who will work with you.
  • If you are interested in contacting corporations or foundations to solicit cash donations, in-kind resources, or programmatic support for your community events, please contact the GSSEM Event/Series Specialist to ensure that council staff do not already have an established relationship with that organization.

What about non-Girl Scout events or series?

• GSSEM does not endorse, verify, or approve non-Girl Scout events.
• GSSEM may not assume any liability of any kind for non-Girl Scout events.
• Unless specific written prior permission from GSSEM is secured, the Program Volunteer/Event Director may not imply that the event is endorsed by or affiliated with or in any way approved by GSUSA or GSSEM.
• No words, logos, service marks, or the name Girl Scouts, GSUSA, and/or Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (GSSEM) may be used on any materials for non-Girl Scout events (including but not limited to electronic or print marketing materials, T-shirts, patches, promotional items, etc.).
• Unless specific written prior permission from GSSEM is secured, GSSEM does not promote non-Girl Scout events to members through GSSEM print or electronic media channels.
• Program Aide training is only provided through Council-sponsored events.

How can I host my own Girl Scout event or series?

• Start by reviewing the Facilitating Girl Led Event Toolkit (found on the FORMS page). The purpose of this toolkit is to provide support to girls, volunteers and Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (GSSEM) staff in planning Girl Scout programs. Through helpful hints, timelines, budget tools, and the Intent to Event Guidelines and Form will help ensure that your program successfully helps girls develop as leaders.
• When you complete your Intent to Event Form, submit it to your Community Event Coordinator approximately 2-3 months prior to your event or series date(s). This will allow for the greatest possible exposure of your event. Transitional timelines less than 2-3 months will be considered.