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Highest Awards

Bronze. Silver. Gold. The Highest Awards a Girl Scout can earn.

All three awards give you the chance to do big things while supporting an issue you care about. You might plant a community garden at your school or inspire others to eat healthy foods for your Bronze, advocate for animal rights for your Silver, or build a career network that encourages girls to become scientists and engineers for your Gold. Whatever you choose, you’ll inspire others (and yourself).

  • Girl Scout Bronze Award pin
  • Girl Scout Silver Award pin
  • Girl Scout Gold Award pin

Also a given: as you earn one of Girl Scouts’ highest awards, you’ll change your corner of the world—and beyond. The possibilities are endless.


Girls earn their Highest Awards in Girl Scouting with the support and supervision of caring adult mentors. The primary role as a troop/group volunteer is to support girls and allow them be the CEO of their project as it is their leadership journey. You have prepared girls using your own skills and experiences, in guiding them to learn about themselves and the world to make a difference in their community. Your role is to act as their advisor and maintain checks-and-balances throughout a girl’s project and to offer help and guidance when needed.

Not already a Girl Scout Volunteer? Join Girl Scouts and help a girl reach her Bronze, Silver and Gold Award goals.

Join the Gold/Silver Awards Committee to provide guidance and support to Girl Scouts working toward the Silver or Gold Awards, the highest awards available to Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors, which have a strong emphasis on community service and leadership.

Current volunteers can visit our online training page for more resources. You might be interested in the Journey Take Action modules, Community or Mind Mapping, Understanding the Root Cause and more.


The area you focus on for your Highest Award Take Action Project are endless! Take a look around your community, read your local and area newspapers, attend city council meetings and talk to lots of people. Once you find an area you are interested in, discover the root cause of the issue and you are on your way to building your team and working towards measurable and sustainable solutions.

Want to see what Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Girl Scouts have done to earn these important recognitions? For inspiration, check out examples via Girl Scouts of the USA’s Map It: Girls Changing the World.