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Start a Troop

Start a Troop

Thinking of starting a troop? We'll take out the guesswork!

Call us and you'll be on your way to providing opportunities that girls want and experiences that change lives. To be put in touch with a staff member who can assist you, call us at 800-482-6734 (option 5) or fill out our contact form using "Recruitment" as the subject. Our Recruitment staff will let you know what you need to start a troop.

  • We'll help you register the adult members needed to volunteer with the troop.
  • We'll schedule you up for the training you'll need to get started and be a success.
  • If you've not identified a co-leader who can help you with the troop, we'll help you find other adult volunteers in your community.
  • Once there is a troop opportunity for girls, we'll help you hold a recruitment meeting to invite girls in your community to join the troop.
  • We'll assist you with your first meeting to ask families to be involved with the troop.
  • We'll also support you with girl activities at your first troop meeting with girls.

Start thinking about other adults who would be willing to help!

Invite other adults who are interested in joining with you. At least one additional adult who is not related to you and has completed the required training and background check must be present at every troop meeting or outing.

Girl-to-adult supervision ratios are noted in the Volunteer Essentials and must be observed. You can find Volunteer Essentials on our Forms page.