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Recognitions & Honors

Nominations are open for the 2021 Volunteer National Awards.
Recognize the Girl Scout volunteer in your life with a Kudoboard! Watch this Short & Snappy to learn more.

We recognize and appreciate the time and effort our volunteers expend, and we strive to honor their dedication and contributions to improve the lives of girls and to make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan has a volunteer recognition awards program to honor our volunteers. Recognitions are awarded as tangible reminders of rewarding relationships and jobs well done. We honor those whose outstanding performance and contributions have become keys to the success of our programs, projects, and events - helping girls build confidence, increase skills, and reach their full potential.


  1. Recipients are nominated by fellow volunteers, girl members, and their families.
  2. To nominate a volunteer, download our Volunteer Recognition Information Packet and complete the Online Nomination Form for the appropriate award. All awards now require at least two (2) letters of endorsement, and additional letters of support are optional.

To learn more about the Volunteer National Awards Nomination process, check out the Volunteer National Awards Short & Snappy. This 15-minute module provides an overview of the nomination process, along with tips to help you get started!


  • Nomination decisions are based solely upon the information provided in the Online Nomination Form and accompanying Letters of Endorsement.
  • To increase the likelihood of a nominee receiving an award, we recommend reviewing the full award criteria in the Volunteer Recognition Information Packet, and these Sample Letters of Endorsement (Sample 1 | Sample 2). 
  • Please also bear in mind that, should your nominee receive the award, they will also receive a copy of all Letters of Endorsement as part of their award package.