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Girl Advisory Board (GAB)

Be the voice of more than 24,000 girls throughout southeastern Michigan!

The Girl Advisory Board (GAB) was created to provide an opportunity for older Girl Scouts to further develop their leadership skills and represent girls at Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (GSSEM).

As a GAB Girl, you're encouraged to share your creative ideas, your passion for Girl Scouts, and ensure that Girl Scout programs are what today’s girls want and need.

You should be a GAB Girl if you:

  • Are ready to take your leadership to the council level.
  • Want to have an active role in Girl Scouting and help shape what it looks like for other girls.
  • Have skills to share.
  • Are passionate about Girl Scouts.
  • Want to connect with other older girls from our council.
  • Are a registered Girl Scout in grades 7-12.

GAB Girls:

  • Provide girls' voices to help influence GSSEM operation, programs, and policies in support of the Council's strategic goals.
  • Contribute to GAB-set goals.
  • Attend meetings and are prepared for discussion items.

Time Commitment:

  • There are approximately four meetings* per year. Meetings are currently on Sundays, and the schedule is set prior to the new program year. Input from everyone is a key part of the committee's mission; therefore, attendance should be made a priority. We recognize that illnesses and scheduling conflicts occur on occasion. However, we request that careful consideration be given to whether you can meet the time commitments outlined above.
  • Participate in program support, speak at certain GSSEM board meetings and other GSSEM events, represent GSSEM at various events, and conduct flag ceremonies.
  • Participate in projects, events, and research beyond regular meetings—like GAB Newsletter articles, program/event engagements, etc. Estimated hours average approximately 2 hours per month (some months could be 3-4 hours for community engagements and others, only an hour).

* If you're unable to attend a meeting, please notify Monike Welch at or Elizabeth Disney at

See our event list for upcoming GAB meetings or email Monike Welch at or Elizabeth Disney at for more information.