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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Skills Events!  Get CAMP-READY with these great opportunities to build your skills.

You’re excited about getting outside and now you can learn the skills  necessary to make your next outdoor adventure safe and fulfilling. GSSEM is excited to kick-off a new programming year in Outdoor Education with these events that will help girls to venture out and go camping. Each event features hands-on activities that allow both the girls and adults to learn necessary camping safety skills. 

Outdoor Skills Events are based on girl interests. Girls, alongside their adult leader/mentor/parent, build the outdoor skills that interest them most.  These events are for girls and their troop leaders, or Juliettes and their  parents/mentors. Participating can help take the pressure off the leaders/mentors to simultaneously run the camping trip and teach the girls the  basics of procedure and safety for each activity during the trip. Keep  reading for the  progressive steps in outdoor skills opportunities to watch for this year.  These are GIRL EVENTS with adult participation!

 Outdoor Skills Days
These events teach the basics of camping and safety in a fun, hands-on experience! Girls and adults will have the opportunity to learn how to build a campfire together, and fire safety. They will also learn about tying knots, erecting pop-up tents, making bedrolls, dressing for the weather, assembling mess kits, and the basics of orienteering. The outdoor skills will be presented in a way that’s easy and fun to learn with games and hands-on learning. Participants will practice learning-by-doing and cooperative learning.

Girls will receive the new Outdoor Skills patches for outdoor skills presented. Adults who participate alongside the girls have the opportunity to reinforce concepts taught in the Outdoor II online training through hands-on activities. (Adults must complete online Outdoor Training I prior to attending Outdoor Skills Days).

Outdoor Skills Day events are offered once a month at a variety of locations throughout the Council from March through June 2016. They are offered for all Girl Scout levels. For more details and information about when outdoor education events are offered, please check

 Outdoor Skills Builders
Ready for a more specialized outdoor learning opportunity? Girls can further develop skills at stand-alone events which focus on specific outdoor fun activities including: Outdoor Cooking, Archery, First Aid/CPR, Geocaching, Letter Boxing, Outdoor Games & Songs, Backpacking, Bicycling, Astronomy with NASA, High Ropes & Climbing, and more. Check out for more information about these events hosted by communities throughout the Council.

 Outdoor Skills Adventures
Ready to put your awesome outdoor skills to the test at an Outdoor Skills Adventure? In these series, girls meet multiple times to prepare and have the opportunity to venture out and test their skills. Backpacking, Bicycling, and Astronomy with NASA will each be offered as its own series in 2016. 

Outdoor Skilled Adults, Program Aides, and Counselors-In-Training
GSSEM is looking for those with experience in outdoor skills to run one activity at any of these Outdoor Skills events. Your commitment is as big or as small as you want it to be! Volunteer opportunities are available for a one-day event or a series! If you would like to share your enthusiasm for the out-of-doors with girls by facilitating an activity at an outdoor skills event, please contact Gretchen Abrams at or (800) 482-6734, ext. 2237.

Outdoor education and camping experiences are added to the online calendar of events regularly! Visit our events calendar for dates and details.