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Badges and Journeys in cybersecurity, outdoor adventure, space science, coding, and more!

What’s New

Girl Scouts has rolled out 42 new badges in Outdoor High Adventure, Cybersecurity, Space Science, and Coding for Daisy through Ambassador Girl Scouts.

Girls can make their own choices about how they want to experience and influence the world.

The new badges enhance Girl Scouts' girl-led programming, offering girls everything from adventuring in the snow or mountains to learning how to use coding to solve problems they care about.

Outdoor High Adventure Badges

For the first time in Girl Scouts history, girls can choose from two distinct activity options, letting them choose how they want to earn each badge.

12 Outdoor High Adventure badges are designed to get girls exploring nature and experiencing outdoor adventures like backpacking, snowshoes, and rock and tree climbing. These are the first Girl Scout badges that members can earn by choosing one of two self-directed paths (funded by The North Face).

Cybersecurity Badges

Girls learn the inner workings of computer technology and cybersecurity and apply concepts of safety and protection to the technology they use daily. Activities include decrypting and encrypting messages, learning proper device protection methods, and exploring real-world hacking scenarios (funded by Palo Alto Networks).

Space Science Badges

Girls explore topics such as the universe and their place in it, properties of light, and inspiring careers in space science (funded by NASA's Science Mission Directorate and led by the SETI Institute).

Coding for Good

Girls learn basics coding skills and how they can use them for good at every stage of the coding process. They learn about algorithms through age-appropriate creative activities like coding positive memes to spread a message about a cause or designing a digital frame to educate people about an issue.

Every coding badge includes a plugged-in and unplugged version so girls can learn the foundations of coding regardless of their access to technology (funded by AT&T and Dell Technologies).

High Adventure
Girls choose their own adventure with these unique two-in-one badges that let girls decide which activity they’ll participate in. Whether trail running, hiking, snowboarding, or tree climbing, there’s an outdoor activity perfectly suited to every girl’s interest, skill level, and age. 


Global Activities

It’s a great big world, and every day Girl Scouts work to make it a better place. These updated activities inspire girls to think globally as they explore and change the world.

World Thinking Day
Girl Scouts celebrate World Thinking Day (February 22) by exploring this year’s theme of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” connecting with the global sisterhood of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and completing a Take Action project to make their communities more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Global Action Award
Girls participate in activities that address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality and complete a Take Action project to promote gender equality in their communities and beyond. 

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