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Your Girl Scout Journey Never Truly Ends!

Nora Teagan

Nora Teagan is a 2017 high school graduate who was an active Girl Scout with GSSEM. She formerly served on the Girl Advisory Board. Nora’s Girl Scout journey didn’t stop after she graduated high school. She has continued her Girl Scout experience by becoming a Camp Counselor at Camp Hawthorn Hollow and is currently attending one of the World Centers “Our Chalet” in Switzerland!

Nora began the process of applying for a position with Our Chalet over a year ago. In April 2017, she volunteered at a fundraiser and spoke with many people who had volunteered at Our Chalet in the past. Nora immediately fell in love with the idea of volunteering there. She applied for a volunteer position in Fall 2017, and was subsequently offered a position for Summer 2018. Being a new volunteer group, Nora and her fellow volunteers went through training exercises on guest hikes, rope course activities, and becoming familiar with all aspects of the Chalet.

During her time as a Girl Scout, Nora frequently interacted with Caroline Feathers, a Program Specialist at GSSEM. Nora has tremendous gratitude towards GSSEM for supporting her throughout her Girl Scout career. “There is no way I would be working here at Our Chalet in Switzerland this summer without the support I received,” said Nora. “Caroline Feathers always pushed me to go further in everything I did and I can’t thank her enough for it.”

Nora is thoroughly enjoying her time at Our Chalet and taking in all of the new and exciting experiences. She’s climbed mountains in town with friends, and even bungee jumped off of a bridge!  As an Our Chalet Assistant, Nora’s duties include taking guests out on hikes, city excursions, or teaching them new outdoor skills, cooking/cleaning for the Chalet, catering to the guests, and ensuring that each guest has a wonderful experience.

If Nora has taught us anything, it’s that one’s Girl Scout journey never truly ends! She is a prime example of the Girl Scout Mission. She’s a Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader who was built of courage, confidence, and character, who is making the world a better place!