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From the Desk of GSSEM CEO & Board Chair


Dear Girl Scout members and friends:

As Girl Scouts, Girl Scout family members, community supporters of the Girl Scouts and those interested in the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (GSSEM), we would like to answer some questions you may have about recent media coverage and how it relates to our organization.

You may have heard that Boy Scouts is now admitting girls and rebranded some of its programming under the Scouts BSA name. We’d like to remind you that Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls! Only Girl Scouts gives girls unparalleled opportunities to lead with grit and compassion, overcome challenges, and stand up for themselves and others. We are concerned that many non-scouting families may think that the two organizations are one. We would like to ensure that our Girl Scout members, supporters and non-scouting families have the right information about Girl Scouts.


  • Girl Scouts is a unique organization with extremely strong core values as well as value-adding experiences which can change the lives of girls. 
  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are—and always have been—two separate organizations. 
  • Girl Scouts has not and will not merge with Boy Scouts. 
  • Note that Boy Scouts has begun recruiting girls here in southeastern Michigan and around the country using terminology like “family scouting,” “co-ed scouting,” or just “scouting” to promote their programs. 
  • Girl Scouts have all kinds of opportunities to go on adventures like GSSEM’s backpacking, skeet-shooting, and hatchet throwing activities at camp as well as Outdoor Skills programs. 
  • Girl Scouts’ highest award, the Gold Award, requires completion of a rigorous project that makes sustainable impact in a local community. Girl Scouts also earn Bronze and Silver Awards by designing team projects that give back to the community.
  • Girl Scouts offers unmatched STEM programming for K-12th grade girls, with badge earning opportunities in engineering, robotics, environmental science, cyber security and more. 
  • Girl Scouts is loading all of its badges onto a mobile platform and offering Volunteer Toolkit, with the goal of providing a richer and more convenient experience for leaders, parents and girls. 


Only Girl Scouts offers research-based programs designed just for girls and how they learn, grow and lead. We need your help to spread the true story about Girl Scouts. Please visit to learn helpful facts and get resources you can share with current and prospective Girl Scout members and supporters. We hope this information will be a strong foundation from which you can build and share awareness of the value of Girl Scouts in our society and for our girls. Together we will keep Girl Scouts strong and thriving for all girls! Thank you for being a part of a movement that is For Girls. By Girls. All Girls. 


Denise Dalrymple, Chief Executive Officer / Telva McGruder, Board Chair