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Emily Cobleigh Honored with 2018 Gold Award!

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Congratulations to Emily Cobleigh on earning her Gold Award! 

For her Gold Award Project, Emily partnered with a local Boy Scout to create a puzzle piece bench to show support of autistic students in their community and teach others about Autism Spectrum Disorder. The bench that was created has a sign that is hung above the bench with the quote "Every Piece Belongs." The quote represents showing Autism Awareness and everyone belonging.

The two worked together to have the bench represent the national symbol of Autism, the puzzle piece, and the color scheme of the bench to represent the colors of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Emily worked alongside with her Peer 2 Peer program, Girl Scout Troop, Boy Scout Troop 115, Flushing Community Members, Emily’s Peer and his paraprofessional, and Flushing Community School teachers and students. She secured commitments with the Peer 2 Peer Coordinators to maintain the maintenance on project, and continue having a day to learn about Autism and unite in wearing blue. The result of the project is a space where Flushing High School members can learn about Autism, take pictures for Peer 2 Peer events, and a place where students can rest.

Emily says that completing her Gold Award project helped her find her passion in life. She enjoys working with special needs people, and plans to work in the Speech Pathology field. She found through determination, hard work, and her passions she could accomplish her goals and make a difference in her community.

Emily graduated from Flushing High School, Flushing Michigan in June 2017. She is a member of Troop 11965.