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Congratulations to the 2018 GSUSA National Volunteer Awardees!


Congratulations to the many GSSEM volunteers who were nominated for a 2018 GSUSA National Volunteer Award and honored at a March 17 annual ceremony!  “We look forward to honoring our dedicated volunteers each year. They are a vital part of our organization and we couldn’t do it without them,” said Denise Dalrymple, CEO of GSSEM. “Their support helps girls to overcome fears, attain goals, and most importantly, molds girls into the future leaders of the world.”

Volunteer of Excellence Award
The Volunteer of Excellence award recognizes those Volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through use of the National Program Portfolio or who have contributed outstanding service in support of the Council’s mission delivery to girl and adult members.

  • Dale Alexander
  • Patricia Alsup
  • Tracy Annabel
  • Michelle Avallone
  • Erika Bachmann-Zawaideh
  • Holly Beaudry
  • Tracy Birgy
  • Carman Bland
  • Erin Bosca
  • Celena Burkhart
  • Beth Clippert-Dolot
  • Nicole Conyers
  • Jeri Decator
  • Louise Dezur
  • Katie Donnelly
  • Sorangel Feliz
  • Cheryl Fried
  • Karen Gendron
  • Ann Guldemond
  • Lisa Hannawa
  • Patti Harpenau
  • Teresa Hedges
  • Joyce Hetrick
  • Kristy Hey
  • Barbara Huff
  • Dee Knapp
  • Denise Kroetsch
  • Kathy Kujawa
  • Lisa Lamb
  • Melissa Lashbrook
  • Dawn Litteral
  • Fon Maertens
  • Donna Marcus
  • Patricia Markiecki
  • Debbie Martinez
  • Michelle Matney
  • Laurie McAbee
  • Regina Mitchell
  • Dawn Mole
  • Jaydee Morreau
  • Julie Mulvaine
  • Deanne Nelson
  • Jeannine Nelson
  • Frances Osowski
  • Peyton Pawlusiak
  • Nicole Perkins
  • Stephanie Quick
  • Sharron Raggio
  • Denise Raich
  • Michelle Ramos
  • Laura Rebollar
  • Connie Rodriguez
  • Jodi Siffer
  • Jennifer Slocum
  • Paula Somerville
  • Jamie Stengel
  • Robyn Stojsih
  • Genevieve Street
  • Sarah Theut
  • Tedene Tousignant
  • Angela Twiss
  • Ines Ucros
  • Candis Waltz
  • Sherondo Washington
  • Toni Willis
  • Joanetta Wyckoff

Appreciation Pin
The Appreciation Pin recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. This service, which has had a measurable impact on one geographic area of service, helps GSSEM reach and surpass the mission-delivery goals of the area.

  • Kathleen Aalbertsberg
  • Leah Benard
  • Jasmine Dandridge
  • Diane Dietering
  • Anna Jochum
  • Stephanie Lange
  • Shawn Mawhinney
  • Jerry Mulvaine
  • Amy Nelson
  • Laura Scaccia
  • Amy Wade

Honor Pin
The Honor Pin recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, which has had measurable impact on two or more geographic areas of service, allowing the council to reach and surpass its mission-delivery goals.

  • Jessica Back
  • Mary White

Thanks Badge

  • Joan Lyczkowski
  • Josephine Starceski

Thanks Badge II

  • Julie Parsons

Special Council Recognition:
Virginia Regish

Virginia has been a Girl Scout for years. She began her Girl Scouting career with her mother as her leader and has just completed her 45th year as a volunteer. As a Girl Scout, Virginia had the opportunity to share her love of the movement from the troop, to the cluster, to the council levels and continues to spread her love of the movement by helping to organize three alumnae groups and to travel with volunteers from around the country.

As the leader of both of her daughters' troops, Virginia organized badge work, trips and camping to expand the experiences of her Girl Scouts. She still visits and stays in contact with her many of her former scouts. Virginia has volunteered for many Council and District positions, including: Lincoln Park Service Unit Director, a Cluster Service Team member coordinating activities throughout the Downriver area, Adult Development, training new and returning leaders. In fact, you name the position and Virginia has served in the role.

Recently, Virginia has helped organize long-time volunteers into three different Alumnae groups who present Badge Workshops for our Council’s Girls. Currently, Virginia is active with the Cookie Gala Auction Committee, the Our Chalet Committee, and with the Girl Scout Alumnae and has just returned from a visit to Our Cabana for World Thinking Day, her first visit to a WAGGGS World Centre.

APRIL is National Volunteer Month: The Girl Scouts and the staff of GSSEM are so thankful for all that volunteers do all year long! Congratulations to all of our honored GSSEM volunteers!