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Celebrating World Thinking Day 2018-Our Cabaña, Mexico!


The day was February 10. Snow had fallen for 24 hours in metro Detroit.  Airplanes and our GSSEM delegation to Our Cabaña sat, and waited. And waited. And then waited some more. 4-½ hours delayed and sitting on the runway, they were not deterred! GSSEM volunteers Cheryl Hill, Mary Elias, Virginia Reglish and Suzanne Bante finally set off on their two-week adventure to Mexico, including a week-long stay at Our Cabaña in Cuernavaca, Mexico. 

In honor of World Thinking Day, the ladies are keeping logs of their travels and sharing photos of some of their experiences with us back home in Michigan including these awesome highlights:

  • Evening performance at the Mexico City Palace of Fine Arts of the Folklore Ballet: Series of dances that explained the Mexican Culture through time.  Our volunteers described it as colorful, exciting and enjoyable. They even met up with the British Girl Guides on their trip!
  • They learned that Mexico City was built on water and as a result many of the buildings are sinking. They visited the current Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe, the historic shrine that is sinking as well and the plaza area.
  • Visited the Square of 3 Cultures: Aztec, Spanish and Mexican.  
  • Saw Oldest Church in Mexico: Santiago. “It was breathtaking" said Suzanne!
  • Traveled to a silver smith and learned about how Mexican silver is made.  He made our volunteers “The Star of the Sea” like in the movie, Titanic
  • Learned all about the Agave plant and how to make the naturally thread and natural colors. 
  • Enjoyed lunch with Aztec dancers and an afternoon at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan!
  • Participated in the city bus tour of Mexico City including a 6 block walking tour of historic buildings including the Church of San Francisco.
  • Visited the Plaza de la Constitucion to see the Palace and the main Cathedral.
  • Saw Frida Kahlo’s home and exhibits!
  • Traveled to Xochimilco for lunch on a charming boat ride through the last remaining exposed canals.
  • Visited the national palace to see the famous History of Mexico Murals of Diego Rivera.

Other highlights featured the program, “Voices against Violence,” cultural events, and a service project completed by all attendees. The service project involved spending time with the local community, working with children and women from troubled backgrounds and sharing new experiences. On the day of the service project, the volunteers prepared activities including crafts, songs, games, and dances!

Later this week, we’ll wrap up our blog posts of the ladies’ adventures in Mexico with highlights of their visit to see Monarch Butterflies. 

About Our Cabaña and WAGGGS World Centers

Our Cabaña is one of five World Centers of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). WAGGGSs offer comfortable and safe places for short stays or long-term accommodations, seminars, training sessions, and international events. Girls and their families are encouraged to visit the centers, meet girls from other countries, and build lasting friendships. World Centers are also located in United Kingdom, Switzerland, India, and Africa.