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Cassidy Beach Honored with 2018 Gold Award!

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Congratulations to Cassidy Beach on earning her Gold Award! 

For her Gold Award project, Cassidy took action to give members in her community and parents all over the world a stronger bond with their children. Given the nature of society today, Cassidy saw that the quality time parents spend with their children is decreasing and that there was a disconnect. Cassidy decided to take action by creating videos, setting up a website, and hosting an event to show parents the variety of things they could do to create a better relationship. She involved a wide range of people to help her create and edit the videos, as well as host the event. As a result, she was able to inform her community members and members of neighboring communities about the importance of maintaining a good parent-child relationship.

In completing her Gold Award, Cassidy has acquired better leadership skills and discovered more about herself. By learning from her mistakes, and putting forth her best effort, she was able to surpass her goal and complete a successful project while making an impact on her community.

Cassidy graduated in the spring of 2017 from Pinckney Community High School and was a member of Troop 71323.