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Barbara Sammut Honored with 2018 Gold Award!

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Congratulations to Barbara Sammut on earning her Gold Award! 

For her Gold Award project, Barbara developed a website to provide information to brain tumor patients regarding their options for alternative treatment therapies. Barbara lost her younger brother to brain cancer when he was 7 years old after a two year battle for his life.  In his memory, she chose to conduct extensive research on the advancements of therapies and treatments for this condition, such as homeopathy, nutritional science and antineoplastons. Since the website launched, it has received over 3,300 pageviews.

Barbara says that completing her Gold Award project helped her learn persistence and that with hard work, she can reach any goal.

Barbara graduated from International Academy West High School in White Lake, MI and is currently attending Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. She is a member of Troop 22085.