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Annual Meeting

About the Annual Meeting

Per GSSEM bylaws, the Annual Meeting of the corporate membership (comprised of board members, board development committee members, and council delegates elected by service units) is conducted by April 15th of each year. At the Annual meeting, the members shall :


Elect officers, directors at large, members of the Board Development Committee and, every three years. the delegates and alternates to the National convention;


Consider any proposed amendments to the bylaws;


Provide input on key issues affecting the council and the Movement and


Consider any other business appropriate to come before the corporation in accordance with the process established by the board of directors.

We currently have 46 service units and each service unit is authorized to have two (2) council delegates and two (2) alternates. Adult delegates serve two-year terms and girl delegates serve a one-year term (per bylaws). Council delegates have an important role in the Girl Scout democratic process—they represent their service unit by voting on decisions that influence the Council.  Council delegates and alternates are elected by their service unit and names and contact information are supplied to Council.

Requirements for being a delegate/alternate:  14 years of age and older, currently registered member, and be a member in good standing with no outstanding debt. Also required to attend Annual Meeting in March, Training/Input Meeting in January, and any other special meetings called that require a membership vote.  All delegates are required to report meeting results to their respective service units.

PLEASE NOTE: Differences between council delegates and national delegates:

Council delegates are elected by their service unit and have a vote at the Annual Meeting on local issues.  Terms are two years for adults and one year for girls.

National delegates are selected by the board development committee to represent the council at the national convention and vote on national issues. They are elected at the Annual Meeting and serve a three-year term.