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Volunteer Recognitions & Honors

Volunteer Recognition

Nominations are open for the 2023 Volunteer National Awards!

Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (GSSEM) appreciates the time and effort our volunteers give to support girl-led leadership.

If you know a volunteer who's been invaluable, dedicated, and inspirational, a fantastic way to thank them is with formal or informal recognition.

Adults eligible for formal and informal recognition:

  • GSSEM volunteers
  • Community and business partners who collaborate with GSSEM or with our troops
Volunteer National Awards (VNA)
VNA Nomination Process


  1. Review the Volunteer Recognition Information Packet to determine the ideal award for your nominee.
    Information Packet (PDF)

  2. Confirm that your nominee meets all of the award requirements.
    Note: Your submission will be rejected if your nominee doesn't meet all of the award requirements.

  3. Recommended Resources:
  4. Submit the VNA Nomination Form by December 9, 2022.
    • Ensure your submission contains the required number of endorsement letters.
      Note: Nominations require two or three endorsement letters, depending on the award.
    • Ensure that when you submit the form, all of the information is correct. If necessary, please confirm details with your nominee before submitting the form.

  5. The Volunteer Experience team will reach out to you in February 2023 if your nominee has been approved for the award.


  • Nomination decisions are based solely upon the information and letters of endorsement submitted via the VNA Nomination form.
  • If your nominee receives the award, they'll receive a copy of each letter of endorsement.
VNA Nomination Form
Friend of Girl Scouting Award (FOGS)
FOGS Eligibility

GSSEM's Friend of Girl Scouting (FOGS) award honors community and business partners who support Girl Scouting within our Council.

Eligible Community/Business Partners Have:

  • Actively recognized, understood, and practiced the value of inclusive behavior.
  • Worked with GSSEM to provide at least one event related to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) within the past membership year.
  • Actively supported Girl Scouting with funds, resources, community connections, and/or in-kind donations.

Nominee Examples:

  • A local museum that hosted badge programs for Brownies
  • A community college that worked with GSSEM to provide space for a badge-earning event
  • An elementary school that offered space for GSSEM's Girl Empowerment Program (GEP)
FOGS Nomination Form
Volunteer Spotlight
Volunteer Spotlight Nomination Form