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Volunteer FAQ

How much will it cost me to be a Girl Scout volunteer?

Women and men over the age of 18, not enrolled in high school, can join Girl Scouts as adult or lifetime members. Annual dues are $25. Girl Scout uniforms are not required for girls or adults. However, related expenses such as personal transportation, program event fees and uniforms are discretionary and fall under the responsibility of the volunteer.

Do I have to become a Girl Scout to volunteer?

We encourage all adults associated with GSSEM to join Girl Scouting and support GSUSA. Volunteers in certain roles must register - those serving as leaders or co-leaders, or handling money or product, such as treasurers or product sale managers, for example. If you come in to help us just for one meeting, no, you don't "have to" join - but why not? Pay your $25 and be a part of the nation's largest girl-centered organization!

Can I volunteer to be a Girl Scout troop leader?

Yes, you can! Sharing the leadership role with at least one other adult volunteer, you can lead a group of girls as a troop leader. Basic training classes will provide you with troop leadership skills, while periodic service unit or community meetings will keep you informed of Council happenings and program information. In addition, you can select the age level you wish to work with and the troop’s meeting place, day and time.

My personal time is limited. Can I still be a Girl Scout volunteer?

Yes. We have volunteer opportunities for everyone, whether you have an hour a week, month or year, we will be able to find a volunteer opportunity that is right for you. Any amount of your time will help us help girls.

Are new volunteers trained for their volunteer positions?

Yes. We ask all new volunteers to take GS101 - Girl Scouts 101. This nationally consistent web-based orientation covers information about the Girl Scout mission, traditions, and history, as well as about our founder, Juliette Low. It also reviews the Promise and Law, girl/adult partnership, and helpful resources available to new volunteers. The course is available online in English or Spanish, via a DVD for at-home use, or we can arrange to run the DVD for a group. Based on the volunteer's placement, additional training may be necessary. If so, our volunteer manager will inform you of the training/learning requirements, schedule, and learning methods available. Evidence of satisfactory completion is forwarded to a volunteer manager.

Do Girl Scouts run background checks on their volunteers?

Yes. Protecting the girls and young women in our care as well as the Girl Scout Movement is top priority, and screenings and checks are integral parts of our due diligence process and risk management policy. Background screening is the process of authenticating the information supplied by an applicant on his or her application and during interviews. At Girl Scouts, the screening of volunteers (and employees) includes background checks, which are performed by independent, third-party agencies.

Do men have a place in Girl Scouts?

Certainly! Every volunteer and staff position in Girl Scouts is open to qualified men, as well as women.

Are there volunteer opportunities for corporate employee groups?

Yes. Corporate employees can request special girl projects related to their industry or profession. Such projects may include a fashion workshop sponsored by a group of individuals specializing in design; a series of math and science workshops sponsored by a group of engineers; or a money management program sponsored by a group of financial consultants.

How do I get started as a Girl Scout volunteer?

If you are ready, please become a volunteer today! We ask that you be as specific as possible as to your availability and how you would like to be involved. Still searching for more information? Please contact us today!