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Construction Updates

We're pleased to announce that Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan’s board of directors recently approved a $2.9 million dollar investment in our two camp properties to be completed during 2018. Construction is slated to begin in June and may continue into late fall. With the dining hall out of commission and with the need for construction to take place only Monday –Thursday (or without girls on site), GSSEM will be unable to offer summer resident camp at Hawthorn Hollow for 2018.

However, for the first time, weekend troop camping and core camping will be available at Hawthorn Hollow during the weekends of June through August (which was not possible before because summer camp has always occurred during this time).

Changes coming to our camps:

Camp Playfair

  • Replacement of the shower house and a complete renovation of the kitchen in Ringler Lodge later this year.
  • Construction should only inconvenience the usual weekend camp schedule by a few weeks.

Camp Hawthorn Hollow

  • New 4,000 square foot Activity Center with two 1,600 sq. ft. indoor classrooms, preparation space and a large outdoor classroom with access to Hawthorn Hollow’s woods and wetlands for STEM studies.
  • Handi Hall renovations include updating the heating system, installing air conditioning, replacing the flooring and stage, and other structural improvements.