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Community Outreach

Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan launched our Girl Engagement Initiative in 2015 to serve girls through in-school, after-school and community group settings. We are committed to providing all girls, regardless of the availability of volunteers, the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts. We seek out communities that have few traditional troops and significant barriers to joining Girl Scouts and bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience right to them.

GSSEM has served more than 1,500 girls since the our program's inception throughout Wayne, Genesee, Monroe and St Clair Counties, empowering them with the ability and confidence to make positive decisions about their health, education, finances and their future.

Activities & Curriculums:

All of our Girl Engagement activities/curriculums introduces girls to practical topics in a way that reinforces our Girl Scout program processes (Girl Led, Cooperative Learning, and Experiential Learning).
Girl Scout of the USA research has shown that Girl Scouts complements school cirruculums by building self esteem, promoting teamwork and teaching conflict resoluaiton.

  • Health and Wellness |  Grades K-6
    In this program they will make a healthy snack, learn cool exercises such as yoga, and learn what it means to be healthy inside and out.

  • STEAM | Grades K-6
    Girls practice skills in science, technology, engineering, art and math, while having a blast!

  • Financial Literacy |  Grades K-6
    Girls will receive hands on experience, building financial skills, by running their own business! They will earn rewards while using the Girl Scout Cookie program as a real life example.

  • BFF |  Grades 5-6
    Girls will explore issues like peer pressure, stereotyping, gossip and cliques. The program inspires girls to lead one another with friendships.

  • I Can Be |  Grades K-6
    Enables girls to explore careers they can pursue when they grew up. Girls have the opportunity to start considering career options at an early age.

If you are interested in the Girl Engagement Initiative at your school or community organization, please contact us.

 We can't wait to get started!