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JFLL teams won awards, had great experiences at 2018 FIRST World Championships!

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GSSEM had five Junior FIRST LEGO League (JFLL) teams participate as part of the FIRST World Championships this past weekend at Cobo Center in Detroit! More than 40,000 people attended the four-day event and GSSEM was delighted to showcase our local troops’ efforts.

Each year, FIRST LEGO League Jr. presents a new and exciting Challenge to ignite the creativity of children age 6 to 10 and introduce them to STEM and the skills linked to the engineering design process. This year’s teams were given the Aqua Adventure Challenge and they were asked to explore how they use water at home or in the community and display the water’s journey and how to improve a part of its journey.

The girls got the chance to meet other robotics teams from around the world and learn about all the different ways other kids solved problems relating to water usage through LEGO models.

GSSEM JFLL teams won the following awards:

  • Cooperative Poster: Shark Divas, Ecorse
  • Creative Show: Mighty Dolphins, Team Ocean, River Rouge
  • Building and Discovery: Water Emoji, Southwest Detroit
  • Innovative Programming: Mayim Mensches, Farmington Hills

The championship featured 15,000 students competing in grades K-12—a new record! The JFLL World Festival included 55 teams from more than nine countries. “Water Emoji”--an all-Brownie team from Southwest Detroit—also met with Betsy DeVos, the US Secretary of Education, and got a chance to show off their project.

GSSEM also hosted an activity booth as part of the JFLL World Festival where kids had the chance to build and race LEGO derby cars, create fling flyers, and play a cookie piano!

Congratulations to all of our teams!

If you are interested in starting a Junior FIRST LEGO League (JFLL) team (grades K-3) or a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team (grades 4-5) please visit or contact Chris Nichols at