Camp Moxie Day 3

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Field trip! Whisked away from Hawthorn Hollows, the first stop was at the Oakland County Commissioners Auditorium. There, the girls had the opportunity to hear from 3 local women mayor. Each leader brought a particular facet of knowledge to the campers. Mayor Lee of Brown City stressed the importance of “doing your homework”; it is all right to not know an answer right away and to rely on your team for support. Mayor Waterman of Pontiac wanted the campers to “dare to try [and] dare to achieve” and that “there is no one path” you have to take- as long as you are happy and receive a “wider view of what can be”.. Mayor McClellan of Oak Park reaffirmed to the girls that “you can learn on the job” and to embrace their fears but to continue to push their boundaries. 

In the afternoon campers visited the Grand River Creative Corridor. Campers viewed the impressive street art that had transformed a broken part of Detroit into a living exhibit of art and hope. Inside Building 4731 girls visited Rebel Nell’s studio. For many, “it was too cool” to see how Rebel Nell’s owners were giving second chances to women in Detroit and- of course- the beautiful jewelry that was made there.