Camp Moxie Day 2

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The second day began with a bang! Her name was Devita Daivison. A hush fell over campers as she began her presentation. “We may have a long way to go [but] we are going to get there”, she said, laying down a challenge for the girls to “dream bigger”. For Sadie Brubaker, she promises to answer Devita’s call by not giving up, even if you’re frightened. Channeling her inner Devita, Sadie said, “You won’t get anywhere if you get scared.” To Sadie, overcoming fear of the unknown and not giving up- striving for better grades and helping more people- is just the beginning for her bigger dreams.

Following in the afternoon was the most anticipated- or feared for many campers: Speed- Mentoring. The purpose of this forum was to allow the girls to pitch project ideas to several -already established- career women but also to make connections that would equip them with the tools they’d need to accomplish their goals.

Speed Mentors on the Spot:

Karen Palka, Founder and Executive Director of A Beautiful Me and Creative Director & Graphic Designer at Carousel Creations:

How can we change the great gap different between the number of high positioned men and women leaders?

“Women want to be accepted and there is a lack of confidence. We hear ‘No’ and feel rejected. [They] need to hear ‘No’ and try again, find a different alternate.”  (

Judge Cynthia Walker :

What do you wish for girls to take away from Camp Moxie and Speed Mentoring?

“[I want for the girls] to see that there is no limit to achieving [their dreams]. [They] shouldn’t cut themselves short.” 

Nikki Hornbacker, Global Value Added Assmbler Process Owner at GM and CEO/Owner of Progressive Strategies & Systems Inc.:

What is some adivce you’d give a girl who can’t figure out her passion?

“[Go off of] other leaders, see what they have that I don’t have. Share examples [of experiences]. [I developed] something on my terms.”