Troop #71148 Helps Leader Dogs for the Blind

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Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan received this story from Troop #71148. We love hearing about the wonderful things our girls are doing in their community. Thank you to Troop #71148 for sharing and congratulations on an awesome cookie season!

"After our cookie sales, our Switzer Daisy Scout Troop #71148 voted on one 'fun thing' to do with some of the money they earned, as well as one 'way to give back to the community.'  The girls wanted to help animals with some of their cookie sale money earned.  We contacted “Leader Dogs for the Blind” in Rochester, Michigan.  A puppy raiser, “Miss Michelle" came to Switzer and brought along two Leader Dogs.  One who was 3 years old, and a puppy in training.  Miss Michelle talked to the girls about raising a puppy to become a Leader Dog, how the dog is able to assist a blind person and did demonstrations with her puppy in training.  The girls were also blindfolded and asked to find their way around with the help of another Daisy.  At the end of the presentation, each Daisy proudly placed $10.00 in a donation box for a total of $200.00 given to the Leader Dogs for the Blind.  The girls were excited and happy to have donated their money to such an important organization."