Board Chair Corner, May 2014

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The May board meeting , held at the Port Huron Service Center, started with Senior Girl Scout Hailey Totten sharing how her Girl Scouting experience, particularly participating in the Governor’s Honor Guard on Mackinac Island, has helped her become a more confident leader.  Hailey’s short term goals are to complete her Gold Award and become a Scout coordinator on Mackinac Island for a summer.  When asked what types of things Council can do to help retain girls in Scouting, Hailey said communicating with girls through technology they use daily is key.  Hailey gave each board member a friendship bracelet so that by befriending board members, she would be less nervous talking with us.  Thanks, Hailey for sharing your story and getting our May meeting off to a great start!

The business agenda for this meeting was fairly light.  The Board discussed reports from both the Board Development and Fund Development Committees.  The Board Development Committee has developed a work plan to identify candidates for board openings next year.  A brief Conflict of Interest Training was conducted for the board in compliance with our policy of annual disclosures of conflicts. Heather Koenders, board member, was awarded the Giving Cup for the month of May for her philanthropic outreach.

The board discussed the status of our summer fund development events; the July 19th walk at the Detroit Zoo, and the August 18 Golf Outing at the Elks Country Club in Grand Blanc.  Board members are busy soliciting participants, funding and sponsors.  We condlued the business agenda with discussion of the timeline for the CEO performance evaluation process, and approved a contract for professional services.  

It has been a busy spring with lots of exciting Girl Scouting activities.  Congratulations to our Gold and Silver awardees, GSUSA Medal of Honor award recipients, Jennifer Barnum & Tammy Murray Spirit Award recipients, graduating seniors, and our 2014 Young Woman of Distinction, Jacqueline Caserio.  These young women were honored on May 5th for the outstanding contributions they have made to their communities.   We also have four cookie celebrations occurring between May 16 and 21 to recognize our top cookie sellers. I will officiate the May 16 celebration in Southgate, but will be out of town for the remaining three.  Thanks to board members Lisa Morse, Julianne Princinsky, and Maureen Stapleton who will officiate in my absence.  Congratulations to our girls and their families for their outstanding salesmanship.

The board does not have a regularly scheduled meeting again until September 9, but we do have a retreat on June 5th to continue discussion of several strategic issues impacting the Council, and to review our annual board self-evaluation results.  Board committees will continue to conduct business over the summer.  And of course, we hope to see everyone at our July 9th walk and August 18th golf outing.  Registration details are available on the Calendar of Events at  

I wish everyone a happy, healthy summer.  Enjoy this special time of year, stay safe and see you in September.

Yours in Scouting,