It's Election Day! Explore the Girl Scout Legacy Citizen badges

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It’s never too early to get girls excited about voting. Studies have shown that if parents discuss the importance and responsibility of voting with children, they are more likely to vote as adults. An informed and active electorate is essential to the success of a democracy.

Have you explored the Girl Scout Legacy Citizen badges?  Service is an integral part of the Girl Scout Promise and scouting helps girls develop into resourceful and active citizens through education on civic responsibility. Find out what these Girl Scout badges mean for Election Day:

  • Brownies can earn the Celebrating Community badge and because Election Day is a community event, take a look around for signs and symbols of voting.  
  • With an Inside Government badge, Juniors learn that voting is part of being a good citizen and about the animal mascots for the two major parties: Republican (elephant) and Democrat (donkey). 
  • The Finding Common Ground badge helps Cadettes learn how democracy allows people with different opinions and beliefs to live and work together. 
  • While earning Behind the Ballot, Seniors learn that voting isn’t just a right—it’s a responsibility. 
  • By earning a Public Policy badge, Ambassadors find out how they can influence public policy and become activists for change.

More information about the Girl Scout Legacy Citizen badges can be found in the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting.