My First Year as a Troop Leader

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In this installment of My First Year as a Troop Leader, we get an inside look at Chaundra’s first parent meeting, held in September. Of course, the unexpected made for some challenges, but in true Girl Scout fashion, Chaundra made it all work together splendidly!

Well, my first parent meeting went fine. I was very nervous because I'm so new and we didn't have our Brownie Troop leader in place (or at least I didn't know we had one). Also, the Juniors had not had their parent meeting. Sure enough, newly registered, and “just interested” parents and girls attended the meeting.  Being the past school parent group president, every expected me to have the answers about all things Girl Scouting. I was sure that in this case I did not, but I would do my best!

We quickly made adjustments. I got the adults settled in to another room, and my co-leader Michelle worked with the girls on creating swaps for the upcoming International River Crossing.

The meeting with parents ended up going very well! It was great to see Jasmine (GSSEM Troop Support Specialist) come through the door because she answered a lot of questions. We also found out we did have a Brownie Troop leader so that was great as well!

Note: Chaundra’s first official troop meeting was held on September 24. Check out these great photos of their first ever friendship circle!