My First Year as a Troop Leader

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Meet Daisy Leader Chaundra Haynes! The GSSEM blog is following along on her first year as a Girl Scout Troop Leader.  Here she will share her experiences with everything from training to her first troop meeting and more! 

Why Girl Scouts?

“Girl Scouts has a rich history, and the young ladies get exposed to so many different things, and different girls. They need exposure to girls from different communities. My daughter is going to be a Daisy, and I want her to be well-rounded.”

Why did you become a leader?

“I have a great co-leader, and the principal at our school was so enthusiastic about getting Girl Scouts at our school. We learned more when GSSEM staff visited our parent meeting and my co-leader and I just thought, “We can do this!” Often parents want things for their children, but no parents wanted to initiate. I had a lot on my plate, but I dropped some things so that I could do Girl Scouts.”

What do you think your first activities will be?

“I’m not sure. I do know that it will be a challenge to steer and guide the girls’ experience, without taking over it, especially when you’re dealing with five and six year olds. I also know that children are capable of doing so many things. I just love that they are given the opportunity.”

What are you most looking forward to?

“Just watching the girls become independent and build leadership skills.”