Celebrate Independence Day with Old Glory

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The birthday of our country is typically marked by fireworks, flags and fun! But, before you hoist or retire Old Glory, remember the proper rules of flag etiquette. Take a clue from Girl Scout Gold Awardee Marina Leander of Washington Township. Last year, for her Gold Award, she taught flag etiquette to more than 350 children and adults across the metro area. Of the 65 hours of work required to earn the award, she spent 16 educating children and adults about who designed the flag, the story behind it, how to fold the flag, and raise it to half staff.

Marina's project, The American Way, really began when she met Robert G. (Bob) Heft, the designer of the 50-star American Flag, with her Girl Scout troop at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth.  She was also inspired after hearing a story from a friend about a Fourth of July parade where a little boy was carrying an American flag and dragging it on the ground. He was "getting it all dirty, and that set me toward educating the younger generation so when they grow up they can have the respect for the flag that we have now," said Marina.

The last part of Marina's journey toward the Gold Award was hosting a flag retirement ceremony in front of the Washington Township Municipal Building. Well, the last fun part, anyway.

This Independence Day honor the flag with reverence.