Gold Award Project Affects Kids with Special Needs

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Kimberleigh wanted to show parents with special needs children how art helps kids express their feelings and communicate with others. She worked with the Michigan Association of Art Therapy (MAAT) to hold an art show featuring the work of special needs children. The event included the artists, who spoke about their pieces and shared their experiences. “It made a very big impact for them to see their work displayed in an actual show and they got the chance to see others appreciating their artwork,” says Kimberleigh. She promoted her project using a variety of social media tools including Facebook and Pinterest. She used Facebook to invite the public to her event and created a Pinterest pin-board to bring awareness to the issue. Her pin-board shows parents how art therapy can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and disorders. “It’s powerful and it’s very moving to see how the arts can impact some of these kids,” said Kimberleigh. “Hopefully this encouraging attitude will help to give parents the motivation to start art therapy with their children,” she says.

While completing her Gold Award Kimberleigh says she became a more confident leader. “In the future I will be able to push myself further and work harder because I know I will be able to do whatever I set my mind to.” Kimberleigh is in 12th grade and a member of Troop 40320.