Teen Creates the Save A Life: Don’t Text & Drive program

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Texting while driving is dangerous! “Many teens are unaware of the risks involved with distracted driving,” said Kandis. For her Gold Award, she developed the Save A Life: Don’t Text & Drive program. The program includes a brochure describing the dangers of distracted driving and includes a video that shows how texting while driving dramatically increases the risk of a motor vehicle injury or fatality. “ I wanted to teach others a valuable lesson that might save a life,” she said. “Distracted driving, not only includes texting but also eating, drinking, grooming, reading maps, and anything that takes a driver’s attention from the roadway.” Kandis partnered with Get Ready Driving Academy to incorporate the “Save a Life Don’t Text & Drive” video​ in to their driver’s education program. She also secured a commitment from the owners of A&M Driver Testing to pass out her brochure to new drivers. Her video continues to be shown in driver education classes and is an online sensation with more than 300 views!

Kandis says that completing her Gold Award project helped her connect to the community. She developed a stronger sense of self and learned the importance of time management and goal setting. Kandis is graduating from Detroit International Academy for Young Women in Detroit. She is a member of Troop 43550.