GSSEM to debut Cookie Van at Motown Winter Blast

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GSSEM will debut its Cookie Van at Detroit’s Motown Winter Blast on February 8, 2013, which is also National Girl Scout Cookie Day. GSUSA declared February 8, 2013 National Girl Scout Cookie Day. Its purpose is not just to promote the cookies, but increase public awareness of how buying Girl Scout cookies supports girls developing leadership skills. During Winter Blast, festival attendees will have chances to win cookies for one year and other fun prizes.

"While the cookies are certainly the attraction, the sale itself is an educational program,” said Clare Coughlin, director of product sales. “Whenever people buy cookies, they are helping girls learn to speak up and interact with people. They are helping girls learn presentation skills, and how to count money. The cookie sale is a great way for girls to learn really practical business skills they can use now and for the future.”

Troops from GSSEM’s council jurisdiction will sell cookies from the van throughout Winter Blast, which runs through February 10, 2013.  GSSEM is a sponsor for the 2013 Motown Winter Blast. Troops received invitations to apply to sell via eBudde. Troops were selected by lottery.
By participating in the cookie sale, girls learn five key business skills including decision-making, money management, goal setting, people skills, and business ethics. The Girl Scout Cookie program is the largest girl-led business in the world, generating more than $790 million annually in the U.S.
More ways to sell with Cookie Van!

Troops who are registered in the eBudde system should watch their email inboxes for more opportunities to sell with the Cookie Van throughout GSSEM’s sale, which ends on March 17, 2013. The Cookie van will make appearances at scheduled outdoor booths upon request. Troops will receive emailed information about how to request the cookie van at their booth. Keep watching the GSSEM blog and your email inboxes for more information. Not connected to eBudde? Contact Clare Coughlin, Director of Product Sales at

New look, same great taste

For the first time since 1999, all boxes of Girl Scout Cookies have a new look and purpose: to help customers understand how buying cookies helps to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Every box details the five business skills the Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls and about the highest awards and badges girls can earn through Girl Scouting.
GSSEM troops will sell eight varieties of Girl Scouts cookies including Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Dulce de Leche, Thank U Berry Munch, and Savannah Smiles for $4.00 per box. Proceeds from the Cookie Program benefit girls in the local area, and troops use their earnings to help to fund activities like camping, and community service and leadership projects during the year.
Cookie locator apps and credit card sales return for 2013

Cookie lovers will be able to find their favorite varieties of Girl Scout cookies throughout the six-week sale using the cookie locator app, available on Google Play and the App Store for Apple. Local cookie booths can also be found online at   GSSEM troops at booth locations may also accept credit cards for purchases. For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Sale, visit