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Excerpt out of “Inside the Magic Kingdom” by Tom Connellan
I believe in my heart that Girl Scouts will celebrate its 100th anniversary because of the strength of the volunteers who have believed in the Girl Scout mission for the past 99 years. The passion, the commitment and the dedication of the volunteers is truly why this sisterhood is so strong. I have heard many refer to the volunteers as the “heart and soul” of the Girl Scout organization. I couldn’t agree more! Each one of you has made a difference in the lives of girls and it’s that impact that has given this organization its strength. I’m inspired to be the best I can be every day because of the volunteers that are part of GSSEM. Making a difference in the lives of girls is a job that I take very seriously and clearly…you do too! 
Our world is changing and so must we. Our vision, our mission and our traditions remain the same. It’s “how” we deliver Girl Scouting to our girls and our community that must change. We must also ensure that every girl gets a “quality” Girl Scout experience regardless of where they participate. And, let’s face it…we need to reach more girls! We need focus and that’s what our new volunteer structure provides. In Southeastern Michigan, we are only making a difference for 8% of the girls in our community.  That breaks my heart and if you care enough to even find and read this blog…I’m guessing it will break your heart too! 
You are one person and you do play a role for our girls and for our future. Your contributions do matter. YOU do make a difference. I’m excited and optimistic for this next year because together, the passion and strength of our volunteer force is unlike any other I’ve encountered. You play a significant role in helping us lead this organization into the next 100 years. We have leadership roles to fill, but we have plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer as part of the support network. There is a place for anyone who believes in the Girl Scout vision and mission and who cares enough to want to make a difference in the lives of girls! Click here to learn more about the volunteer roles available.
You will make a difference. Everyone does.
Lead on!
Barb Sosin
Director of Troop Pathway