The End of the Waiting List!

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We’ve all been there. In a crowd, wearing a Girl Scout shirt or with some Girl Scouts in their vests, a woman comments, “I wanted to be a Girl Scout, but there wasn’t a troop for me.” Translation: I got all excited but never heard back from anyone, so I lost interest. Ouch.
Well, those days are OVER! Today, girls wanting to belong to the pre-eminent leadership organization for girls will no longer wait in limbo when they’re ready to become a Girl Scout. In 2008, GSUSA introduced the pathway model to better meet the needs of today’s Girl Scout. While the majority of Girl Scouts join and participate in the Troop Pathway, an increasing number of girls prefer to participate in other ways, pathways, such as one-time events, series or travel.
The events and series offered by GSSEM, as well as those at the Community level, provide fun and exciting activities to all Girl Scouts, whether they are active in a troop, waiting for a troop to become available, or simply interested in participating a la carte. The Girl Membership Coordinator will ensure all girls stay connected to Girl Scouts by sharing news and information about the pathway opportunities.

“I used to be a Girl Scout, but I dropped out. I wanted to go camping, but my troop did nothing but crafts.” NEVER AGAIN! Another advantage of the pathway model is that girls who are in a troop are not limited to participating only with the troop as a whole. In a troop setting, girls build strong friendships, engage in the GSLE through troop government, and complete take action service projects. Outside the meeting, girls discover their own passions and interest via events like the Chemistry Day, Camp Moxie or the Geek Squad exploring the net series.
With the recruitment of Community Event and Series Coordinators, girls will have more opportunity for experiences beyond their troop – connecting with new Girl Scouts who share their passions and interest. Now, each community will have improved communication around what local events and series exist and can pool their resources in creating new opportunities to meet the needs of the Girl Scouts in their local area.