Leadership Plain & Simple

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Today, I brought my seventeen year old daughter, Brittany, to work with me. She’s an active Girl Scout. She is also aware that our volunteer structure is changing, but we haven’t spoken in great detail about the changes. So, I handed her a few pictures of our new structure – the oval with the Districts and the Communities. I asked her to give me her thoughts. I wanted to get a fresh perspective. So, she takes a look and says, “Wow, whoever designed this did a good job.” And…” Community includes troops and all of the other stuff?” She got it! In one moment, looking at the information one time! She also asked, “Are all of these jobs done by volunteers?” Which of course, I told her yes. Then she asked “You mean you will have each person do a specific job, not run around like a chicken with their head cut-off?” I nodded, and she continued, “That’s smart! I like when I have a job to do and I am told exactly what that job is."

Our new volunteer structure was designed purposefully with two goals in mind: create an effective leadership experience for all girls, and develop more opportunities for adults that are rewarding, specific and sustainable. That’s it. We wanted to empower girls to make a difference in their communities and adults to share their skills and talents in ways that help them grow and expand. Volunteers doing exactly what they love and sharing their skills and talents within their own communities.

I invite you to check out our newly createdoperational volunteer positions. Some positions work directly with girls, while others work to support adults who’ll work with girls. But all positions lead to a rewarding experience! Help us build the next generation of Girl Scouts.Apply to be a new operational volunteer. Lead on!

Linda Morrell, Director of Volunteer Management