Local Girl Scouts Continue Relief Efforts

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The spirit of service continues to thrive in the days and weeks after the devastating earthquake in Japan. Girl Scouts have been hard at work providing relief to victims of recent natural disasters.

Local Girl Scout Stephani Bell of Troop 45756 wanted to do something special to help kids in Japan. After much research, Stephani decided to take action by donating items to sell in her neighborhood garage sale. She also enlisted the help of fellow scouts Annie Hinman, also of Troop 45756, and Charlotte Cash of Troop 73105. The girls also set up a lemonade and brownie stand. By the end of the garage sale, the girls gave $209 to the American Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan and elsewhere. 

In Riverview, Junior Troop 41419 made paper "Peace Cranes" for Girl Scouts in Japan. In Japanese culture, paper cranes are a symbol of peace and healing. The girls received certificates of thanks from Girl Scouts of Japan. 

Share Your Girl Scout Story! Are you participating in the relief efforts? Tell us what you are doing to help people in Alabama or to aid the victims of the earthquake in Japan. Send your stories to communications@gssem.org.