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Donate Cookies

Donate Cookies

The 2017 Cookie Season is over. Thank you for another great year!

The Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan's “Troops to Troops” (T2T) program allows for the opportunity to put a smile on the face of our servicemen and women while providing them a small "taste" of home.

Through a partnership with Soldier's Angels, cookies can now be sent to our military men and women stationed overseas.

Thank you for giving generously and supporting not only Girl Scouts, but our troops as well.

Here is a chart converting donation amounts to boxes of Cookies:

$4.00 1 box   $100.00 25 boxes
$20.00 5 boxes   $200.00 50 boxes
$40.00 10 boxes   $400.00 100 boxes
  • $4.00 - 1 box
  • $20.00 - 5 boxes
  • $40.00 - 10 boxes
  • $100.00 - 25 boxes
  • $200.00 - 50 boxes
  • $400.00 - 100 boxes

PLEASE NOTE: GSSEM does not have control over where the cookies are sent through Soldier's Angels. If you would like to send cookies to a specific soldier, please purchase cookies in your local area and send them to the soldier of your choice.