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Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration open?
Registration is open right now! Visit our event calendar for program offerings.

Who can attend summer resident Camp?
Any girl, grades 2-12, can attend Summer Resident Camp. If she is not currently a Girl Scout, she can register as a Girl Scout, and then proceed to register for camp. Girl Scout membership is $25.00.

What are the required forms?
All required forms for Summer Resident and Ranch Camps can be found at on our forms page by searching "camp". You will also receive a confirmation email with required forms once you register for Summer Resident or Ranch Camp.

Can my camper come to camp with a buddy or friend?
We love to see new faces at Camp Hawthorn Hollow! So, of course you may request a buddy. Only one buddy may be requested and buddies must be attending the same camp session. We are not able to accommodate multiple buddy requests (i.e., placing a whole troop
together) due to session and sleeping limitations.

Do campers get to choose their activities?
Camper activities will be based on the program that they are attending. Additional activities may be decided on by the cabin group once the campers are at camp. No camper will be forced to do any activity that they don’t want to do.

What are the sleeping arrangements?
All campers attending Summer Resident and Ranch Camps will live together in groups based on the program attending and their age. Our campers live in cabins that have bunk beds, a full kitchen, and bathrooms with flush toilets. A shower house is nearby.

What are the drop off and pick up times?
For full-week sessions, campers arrive on Sunday afternoon and depart on Friday afternoon. Refer to your camp registration confirmation for exact times for your session. For Trail Mix
mini sessions, refer to your camp registration confirmation for exact dates and times.

What if my daughter has special needs, disabilities, or dietary restrictions? Can you accommodate her?
Girl Scout camp is for all girls and we would like your daughter to have a safe a fulfilling camp experience. To help us provide the best possible camp experience for your daughter, in regards to any special needs, disabilities, mobility limitations, dietary restrictions, or severe
food allergies, please contact the Camp Director, Mary, at You can discuss with her the nature of your camper’s needs and determine if the camp can provide the proper support, supervision and make the necessary accommodations for your camper to have a safe, fun and fulfilling camp experience.