What Will My Daughter Do?

She will go on a leadership journey with The Girl Scout Leadership Program!

What Daisies DoWhat Daisies Do - K-1 Grade What Cadettes DoWhat Cadettes Do - 6-8 grade
What Brownies DoWhat Brownies Do - 2-3 grade What Seniors DoWhat Seniors Do - 9-10 grade
What Juniors DoWhat Juniors Do - 4-5 grade What Ambassadors DoWhat Ambassadors Do - 11-12 grade

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and Girl Scout Journeys are the heart of the Girl Scout Leadership program. Together they help girls learn Girl Scout traditions, earn recognitions, and have inspiring adventures that change their lives and the lives of other people, neighborhoods, and communities.

The Girl’s Guide contains her handbook, badge log with instructions she’ll need to earn new badges, and the special "My Girl Scouts" section in which she can customize and record her Girl Scout experiences.

The three Journeys— It’s Your World, Change It!, It’s Your Planet, Love It!, It’s Your Story, Tell It!, —help girls learn about themselves and the world around them and how to take action to make the world a better place.

See what a great Girl Scout year can look like for each grade level by visiting Girl Scout GPS!

Let Brownie Elf walk you through this fun video (below) describing the Girl's Guide.

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