Volunteer Opportunities

GSSEM Volunteer Opportunities

Every girl has the ability to lead. But only one girl in five believes she can. A lack of role models, unhealthy images of beauty, peer pressure to not stand out, and a mean-girl culture are just some of the obstacles that stand between girls and their full potential. But now that you’re here, girls are one step closer to breaking down those barriers.

Volunteering opportunities with Girl Scouts are tailored to fit your calendar, your skills, and your interests. Your time as a volunteer will provide girls the free and safe environment they need to pursue whatever interests, causes, and leadership roles are most important to them. With your support, girls will stand up, stand out, and stand tall.

Explore what being a volunteer could mean for you. We know what it means for girls.

Qualifications to become a volunteer:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age or older
  2. Be a positive role model for the leaders of tomorrow
  3. Flexible attitude and sense of humor
  4. You must enroll as a Member in Girl Scouts of the USA*
  5. You must fill out a Volunteer Application and submit to a background check**

Are you ready to help change the world? Start by filling out a Volunteer Application today!


* GSUSA Membership Dues of $15.00 goes to the national organization to pay for accident insurance covering participation in approved Girl Scout activities, program research and resources, training and services to councils.

** After completing your Volunteer Application you will be provided a link and a GOOD DEED code to our partner, Verified Volunteers, who conducts our background checks for us. Please follow the link provided.