Participating in Girl Scouting

Girl Scouting is girl-led, meaning that girls choose the activities that interest them, and adult volunteers provide support and mentoring. Knowing that both girls and adults lead busy lives, GSSEM offers flexible participation options from which girls and adults can choose, based on their interests and time availability.

Join today, have fun tomorrow!

Girls can join today and immediately make new friends, have fun, and learn new things by participating in a great program tomorrow! They can even bring their friends with them to share in the adventures!

There are more than 200 exciting programs offered each year including one-day events, badge workshops, eight-week leadership Journey series, robotics leagues, equestrian programs, and even day, weekend, and week-long camp and outdoor education programs! All of these outstanding programs are delivered by enthusiastic Program Volunteers, who enjoy serving as role models and mentors to the girls.

The fastest and easiest way to join the fun is to become a member of one of our 12 Community Troops. A Community Troop is a multi-grade level group of girls from various schools in a specific geographic region. Members of the Community Troop are not required to meet on a regular basis and have the opportunity to pick and choose from the hundreds of Council-wide and community programs which most closely match their interests and schedules.

At some schools and organizations, volunteers form troops with a small number of girls, which meet on a regular basis to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Depending upon the interests of the girls and availability of adult volunteers at that location, there may be three options for girls and adults to choose from:

  • Same grade level troops (i.e., a Daisy, Brownie, or Junior troop), with a small number of girls in each troop, supported by Troop Volunteers.
  • A multi-grade level troop (i.e., a combined Daisy/Brownie troop or Brownie/Junior troop), with a small number of girls, supported by Troop Volunteers.
  • The Community Troop: The girls at that school can join the Community Troop and participate together as a group, or individually, in any of the Council-wide or community programs, delivered by Program Volunteers.

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