Girl Scout Cadette

As a Girl Scout Cadette, you can find true friendships, gain confidence and get ready to lead! Organize a basketball league for girls in your community, help plan a badge workshop for younger Girl Scouts or volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Try a destinations or getaway to California and visit a marine mammal center. Soak up the atmosphere at a majestic national park as you wander through the woods at Yosemite. Strap on your backpack and explore the Grand Canyon or hike the Appalachian Trail. It's up to you!

Self-esteem and confidence continue to blossom as a girl becomes a Girl Scout Cadette! Focus grows toward maintaining healthy lifestyles, taking a stand on issues within the community and learning how to resolve conflict and set goals. However, a Girl Scout Cadette still has the opportunity to mix and match activities that support her passions and earn her badges!

Cadettes have more control of what they do as Girl Scouts and are encouraged to pursue individual and group goals. Girls at this level are making the transition from younger to teen Girl Scouting.

Cadettes make nearly all decisions about their program, guided by the National Program Portfolio and Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Meetings vary a great deal, depending on individual and group projects, which are more complex than younger levels of Girl Scouts. The meetings vary a great deal, depending on individual and group projects, which are more complex than younger levels of Girl Scouts. The meetings will involve learning about a topic or a concept, and then taking steps to improve the world through education or service.

As a Girl Scout Cadette, you can:

  • Develop a sense of identity
  • Use your leadership skills to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award, the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn
  • Pick activities that suits your needs – whether it is outdoors and sports or dance and music
  • Participate in Girl Scout council-sponsored activities either with your troop or individually including the cookie program and fall product program
  • Participate in destinations and travel across the country or around the world

Cadette Girl's Guide to Girl Scouts

The Cadette's guide contains:

  • A colorful, easy-to-use binder specially designed for girls at each level. The binder comes chock full of essential information and badge activities—plus girls get to customize their own experience by choosing and adding in additional badge sets.
  • Legacy, Financial Literacy, and Cookie Business badge activities
  • Guidelines for the Girl Scout Silver Award
  • A detailed diagram showing where girls place the badges, pins, or awards with pride on their vests or sashes.
  • Ideas to help girls tie their badges right into their Journeys.
  • Vintage illustrations and quotes from Girl Scout history to help girls feel connected to the proud traditions of the past.
  • An awards log showing girls every award and badge available at their level, as well as the entire badge program at every level, so girls can see how their skills will grow in Girl Scouting.

Journeys for Girl Scout Cadettes

What Does a Cadette Wear?

What a Cadette Wears
Girl Scout Cadettes, can wear the Girl Scout Membership Pin, showing they belong to Girl Scouts of the USA, and the World Trefoil Pin, signifying membership in a worldwide Movement. They can choose from various uniform components for Girl Scout Cadettes. Girls can buy a sash or vest to display awards and other insignia.

GSSEM has created special Girl Scout "Starter Kits" which include all the materials your Junior needs - uniform, membership insignia, a copy of the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting and one (1) Journey book selection. Purchasing a Starter Kit will save you 15% off the normal retail price AND she will also receive a free bag! Starter Kits are available at all GSSEM Council Shop locations and through our on-line store.

Too Old to Join?

No way! Girls don't have to worry about what they've missed—just look forward to what they can experience in Girl Scouting.