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You've got that craving. You know it's the season. And the question on everyone's mind: Where are the Girl Scout cookies?  The GSSEM Cookie Sale begins on February 7th and runs through March 16th! Here are two easy ways to ensure you don't miss out!

The Girl Scout Cookie Locator

Cookie Locator
Just click on the image to the right, enter your zip code and find the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan cookie booth near you!

The One and Only Official Girl Scout Cookie Finder Mobile App!

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Girl Scout cookies go on sale just once a year—and for a limited time only. Make sure you never miss a sale using this simple cookie finder app that lists the time, date and location of all cookie booth sales in the country. Simple intuitive interface makes finding cookies a snap, just install and press "Find Cookies Now!"

Get the Official Girl Scouts of the USA Cookie Finder app for your iOS or Android phone or mobile device. Support Girl Scouts by using this free app that will help to navigate your way to Thin Mints, Lemonades, Tagalongs, Shout Outs, Samoas, and all the other great Girl Scout cookies in your area and around the nation. Your next box of Thin Mints is just a touch away!

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