Financial Aid for Girls

The goals of Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan’s financial aid program:

  • Support the development of financial literacy skills for girls and assist them in becoming self-sufficient so that they can participate in Girl Scouting without ongoing support from parents or grant funders.
  • Comply with grant funder requirements which ensure that available grant funds are used to support families with the greatest financial need.
  • Provide all girl members with the opportunity to participate in GSSEM summer and ranch camp programs, with a sliding scale based upon financial need.

To achieve these goals, GSSEM has implemented the following process:

New Girls to Girl Scouting:

  • Families are welcome to apply for financial aid for girls new to Girl Scouting to support their first year by completing the Financial Assistance Application for the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE), as well as the Girl Membership Form. Both of these forms and further instructions are in the “Financial Aid Packet”.
  • Based upon funding availability and the family’s financial need, girls will be approved for a comprehensive package to ensure that they have a high-quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience for their entire first year of membership.  The package includes a Girl Member Starter Kit (with sash or vest, membership pins, insignia, journey book, and Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting), along with funding to participate in a council-wide or community-sponsored series or events and the GSUSA membership fee.
  • Once approved for the financial aid package for first year membership, girls will be required to participate in the Cookie Program in order to enhance their financial literacy skills and earn Cookie Dough and/or Recognitions Cards with program credits which can be used to pay for their membership renewal, program materials, and series or events.

All Girl Members:

  • All girl members are welcome to apply for financial aid to attend GSSEM week-long summer and ranch camp programs. Based upon funding availability and financial need, a sliding fee scale will be used to determine how much financial aid a member will be eligible to receive. Download the Financial Aid Application for Summer and Ranch Camp. A minimum deposit of $50 is required for all attendees.