Candy, Nuts & Magazines

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Candy and Nuts… and Magazines too!

You are going to enjoy the products the Girl Scouts have available during Fall Product Program. From tasty Trophy Nut candy and nuts, to the ease of renewing your favorite magazine subscriptions with M2 Media!

Help Girl Scout Troops Fund Fall Programming!

Each fall Girl Scout Troops may choose to participate in the Fall Product Program to earn start-up money for fall activities. Girls can earn up to $1.50 per magazine subscription, and a minimum of $.90 per item on candy and nuts. Girls will  also earn cool rewards!

Need an idea for holiday presents?

Girl Scouts’ Fall Product Program offers many great products and you receive them before the holidays. This makes for a fast and easy way to buy presents.

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The Fall Product Program  is not only a great money-earning activity for troops just starting the new membership year, but it also provides girls the educational opportunity to learn and practice valuable life skills.

Through our continued partnership with Trophy Nut, girls can take orders from family and friends for a selection of products, including nuts, candy and collectible tins.

In addition our Girl Scout Fall Product Program includes magazine subscriptions through M2 Media. Customers may place their subscription orders online when a Girl Scout emails them a link. Online orders can be made directly to M2 Media, meaning customers will see their favorite magazines in their mailboxes sooner!  Girls may also take paper new and renewal subscription orders.

These fun activities teach girls about teamwork, communications and money management, and will help them set and achieve their program goals for the coming year. Active participation provides funds for troop activities, and helps to underwrite the costs of all Council campsites, facilities and programs, making them affordable for our girls and troops.